iPod Touch Screen Repairs Still In Huge Demand!

Hello M:R Nation –

During our morning meeting, Ryan and myself got to talking about the different generations of the iPod Touch and how timeless they all have all really been. When it comes to the repairs we offer, it is eye opening when you look at the numbers and see the amount of older generations still being repaired.

We know the main reason to repair and not replace is a monetary reason, but the other reasons people repair instead of replace is pretty logical. Here are some of the most common answers we receive when we ask the question “Why repair, instead of replace?” I am using these answers as a poll as well. Tell me what your reason to repair your iPod Touch instead of replacing!

Whether you are looking for a simple headphone jack replacement in your 1st Generation iPod Touch or a screen replacement in your 4th Generation iPod Touch we have you covered all the way. For those of you thinking of replacing your iPod Touch instead of repairing, please give us a call first. Lets us talk you you into saving a boat load of cash 🙂

Cheers, Troy


Finally, we’ve got iPod Touch Headphone Jack Repair Capability!

Yes, you’ve read it right, we have announced a brand new flat-rate service for the original iPod Touch, 1st Generation. Customers are reporting out-of-warranty failures on their iPod Touch including loss of sound from the earphone jack, or earphone jack connectors breaking off inside the earphone jack port rendering it useless. We can solve this by installing a BRAND NEW Earphone Jack Assembly within 24 hours after receipt. The repair service is hassle-free and currently the iPod Touch Headphone Jack Repair is only $59, installed.


Click here to view our premium iPod Touch Repair – Earphone Port Repair Service.

This service is NOT use-installable. It takes specialized tools and significant soldering abilities and should be trusted to the professionals – that’s us here at Mission Repair if you didn’t already know that!

Mission Repair will replace that failing headphone jack within 1 business day and send the unit back to your location via FedEx (Ground is just $5 and Overnight is $9).

OK folks, I’m out of town Monday of next week. Going to take a little break and take a vacation day. I know that I deserve at least one every so often!

We’ll talk again, soon, Ryan