Deal Of The Month!

Hello M:R Nation –

This is just a quick reminder of the March “Deal Of The Month”! All month long we will be offering our 4th Generation iPod Touch screen repair services for the sicking low price of $44.00!

broken touch 4

Do you have broken glass? No touch function? Ink blotch looking LCD screen? This repair service will cover all of those issues! This deal is is ongoing through the month of March and is good for both the white and black versions of the 4th Gen iPod Touch! Getting started is as simple as clicking this link: Deal Of The Month! We look forward to seeing your iPod Touch at our facility very soon!

Cheers, Troy

Deal Of The Month – March!

Hello M:R Nation –

Among all of the moving and shuffling around we have had this and last week, we were actually able to sneak in an awesome “Deal Of The Month” and I wanted to talk to you about it, before I go back to moving heavy objects.

This month we are featuring our ever popular 4th Generation iPod Touch screen repair services! When we originally announced these repair services back in 2010, we could of never imagined how many people we would be helping. Its amazing that 4 years later, this service is still one of our top sellers!

Broken Touch 4

Something else that is hard to believe, is how far we have been able to drop the price for this service! After a certain amount go time, you will see most of our services drop, its just a natural occurrence, but nothing has come close to the price drops that we have seen for the Touch 4 cracked glass services. What started out as a reasonable $129, has seen price drop after price drop and has landed on the incredibly low price of $49.00. For this kind of cash, there is no reason to “deal” with a cracked screen.

For the month of March, we have decided to take it a step further and make it just a little bit easier to get that repair going! We are taking an extra 10% off of these services and you can get started right now by clicking on this link: Deal of the Month!

Seriously, why wait 🙂

With that, I’m off to lift some desks that weight about the same as a VW Bug… Wish me luck and if you don’t hear from me in the next day or so, please send a search party.

Cheers, Troy

Another Price Drop: iPod Touch 4 and 5 Screen Repairs!

Hello Again M:R Nation –

If you read my last blog post, you know what I’m about to do here… I won’t make you read a three paragraph explanation of why we are dropping these prices, I will just in-fact drop them right here and now!


Here are the new prices:

iPod Touch 4: Was $69 Now $49

iPod Touch 5: Was $199 Now$159

As you can see, we are not messing around today! We mean serious business when we drop prices and we hope this will motivate you to finally fix that iPod Touch 4 or iPod Touch 5!

Cheers, Troy

Broken iPod Touch 4 Screen?

Hello iPod Touch 4 Owners –

The “4th generation iPod Touch”, what more can we say about it? It keeps chugging away. Folks continue to choose to repair instead of replace these awesome machines and with good reason… they just continue to work! Cracking the screen will not render the iPod touch useless in most cases, rather, you just have to compete with shards of glass when trying to order your pizza or snapchatting!

Broken Touch 4

We at Mission Repair salute the staying power of the iPod Touch 4 and are proud to be the premiere repair facility for these awesome little guys :-). Over the last 4 or so years, we have had the pleasure of repairing a countless amount of these devices and we are truly do not see an end in sight! There is just something about these that keep people attached.

If you have an iPod touch that looks like the image above, you certainly need our services! Click here: iPod Touch Screen Repair to get started on your repair today!

Cheers, Troy