New Employees = Better Service!

Well, how can we improve on our service? 😉

We have been in need of adding a few new good people. I’m happy to announce the addition of 3 new employees that have started on the Mission Repair team to help keep the level of service where it needs to be. . .at the top. I’m pleased to announce the employment of Sam Sartorius (email Sam here), Albert Flores (email Albert here), and Kim Denning (email Kim here) at the Mission Repair base.

These new amazing people are here to make your repair experience unbelievable and astounding. We are thickening our staff, expanding our services, and performing better than ever before.

Thanks for staying in touch, I’ll be back soon!


Nano 6 repairs = Success!

Hello everyone, sorry it’s been a few days since my last blog post. I was visiting friends in California for the last 4 days. . .one of which works at Apple. . .and went to her wedding reception. The awesome part about it was that she had an Apple cupcake dessert that was absolutely amazing. I will post pictures soon-

I wanted to write up a quick blog to let you know that we have released our latest service for the spectacular iPod nano 6. It’s a little fella, and we are starting to get repairs in daily. Here’s a shot of a nano with a cracked screen:

And here it is after repair from our service lab:

We have been in the business performing iPod repair for years, so this newest iPod nano 6 screen repair service just makes sense. Nano 6 iPod repairs at Mission Repair. . .spread the word!

Take care, Ryan