Cyber Monday Coupon code at Mission Repair!

Hi there, and good morning my friends. . .we are geared up, staffed up, and ready for today’s business. It’s CYBER MONDAY and it’s the busiest day of the year. Bear with us, we are answering calls in the order received and we promise to get to you shortly.

If you’d prefer to place your order online, you can use coupon code CYBER22 for a whopping 22% off of your entire order! This 22% discount is good for orders placed TODAY ONLY, 11/28/11.

Just enter the coupon code online for any of our repair services including iPod repair, iPhone repair, MacBook Repair and Cell phone repairs. This coupon will even work for our self-service repairs so if you want to buy a part, today is the day!

Visit the Mission Repair Website to get started!

Talk to you again soon, Ryan

Sale Extended – 4th Gen iPod Touch Glass Repair!

Hello all-

I’ve gotten some “disappointment” emails from customers that weren’t able to capitalize on the AMAZING Mission Repair Coupon Code that I offered last week.

So I came up with a solution. I’m gonna just extend the coupon. That’s a novel idea!

There ya have it. The coupon code “TAHOE” has been extended though Sunday May 22, 2011. This will bring the price of the 4th Gen iPod Touch Glass Repair down to just $94 installed! It’s our lowest price to date and it represents the best price for the money in the market. Why is that? Well we’ll also throw in our “Got Repair” benefits for free. So after you have the iPod repaired with us and if you every break or crack the screen again, we’ll replace it again under our “Got Repair” program. Simply astounding!

Hey, I’m getting back to work! Talk to you soon.


Great Royals Game Yesterday! 15% off any service we offer this weekend!

Hello everyone, I was able to take a 1/2 day yesterday and chill out at a Royals game with my buddy Darrin. Normally, I wouldn’t probably blog about this, however I was able to take a quick snapshot of Darrin yesterday after he caught a foul ball-

I’ve been to a zillion baseball games starting back from when I lived in California watching the San Francisco Giants play at the old Candle Stick Park. I’ve been to Wrigley Field, Coors Field, Chase Field and many more- and I’ve NEVER caught a foul ball. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been close, just like yesterday. I was right next to Darrin when he snagged this beauty and once again I came home empty handed.

The cool part about the whole experience? Darrin handed the ball to a youngster in a wheel chair. That boy lit up and getting a ball was clearly the highlight of his day. I was overwhelmed and Darrin, my good buddy, did a great thing.

So there it is. A warm day, hot dogs, nachos, and foul balls. I might have to go back tonight, it’s “Buck night” so instead of your hot dogs being $6, they are only $1! Peanuts = $1. Sodas = $1. $6 and you’re eating like a king!!

How can I make you feel like a king? How about a 15% off coupon good now through Monday 5/9/11. Just enter “FOULBALL” when you place your order online and we’ll take 15% off of your entire order including shipping! Now’s the time to get that iPad 2 Screen Repair, or any other iPod, iPhone or Cell Phone Repair we have on our sites!

Thanks everyone, have a great Friday! Ryan

New Conference Room Rockin!

Hello all, I’ve been promising pictures, so here we go. You can always see constant pics and updates on our business here on our blog or become a fan on our Mission Repair FaceBook fan page and see some really fun stuff! We want fans just like you!

Here’s a shot of a meeting in action. . .we had our TV screen installed with a Mac hidden behind the scenes. . .with a bluetooth keyboard and mouse, we have the ultimate presentation platform. Robbie is here explaining something to the group about our back-end database. It’s an invaluable tool!

OK, more pics will slowly filter in, it’s just that something about this pic of Robbie in action compelled me to post 😉 Take care, talk to you soon!