Droid X Logic Board Repair Service-

Hello all, good morning! We’re happy to announce our newest line of services this morning, and we are successfully repairing Droid X Logic Boards effective immediately.

Our surface mount technicians are skilled at diagnosing and getting to the root of logic board issues and repairing them. Many customers report water damage or other issues with logic boards in their devices. The logic boards, (a.k.a. mother board, main board, main circuit board, memory board) is the “brain” of your device and is what does all of the processing and “thinking” in your phone. Without a properly working logic board you can have many symptoms including no power, restarting issues, sound issues, backlight problems or any other malfunction. The logic board is the more integral part of your device and also the most expensive. In almost all cases, the logic board will comprise the bulk of the cost of any device.

Subsequently, replacing a logic board can be an expensive prospect which is why we have committed ourselves to re-learning our roots. You see, back in 1994 (When I entered the Apple repair market), I ran a component level service center and this is really where my talents lie. It’s a win-win situation for us as we are now happy to offer a repair on a logic board (rather than a replacement) and we are also offering logic board repair to many dealers around the country. Watch our list of logic board repairs come to life, we are already performing these repairs:

iPhone Logic Board Repair
iPod Touch Logic Board Repair
MacBook Pro Logic Board Repair
Droid X Logic Board Repair
iPad Logic Board Repair (COMING THIS WEEK!)

Hey, it’s just one more reason that Mission Repair stands out among the competition. It’s our game!

Thanks, Ryan