Deal Of The Week!

Happy Monday M:R Nation –

We are going to have a wonderful week here at Mission Repair and I wish the same for you. There is a lot to to talk about today and I wanted to start with something familiar, yet awesome. Its this weeks “Deal Of The Week”!

The 6th Generation iPod Nano has been a staple at Mission Repair for some time now. It’s great looking nano with touch screen capability and it makes an awesome watch! What more could you ask for? We love this little device and hope to be repairing it for years to come.

You can thank Jake for pitching this deal to me!

So what do you receive with this deal? How does a 29% savings sound? I know, pretty dang good! So this is a good time to finally get that Nano 6 in the bottom drawer repaired, so hurry before the week is up (You and I both know how fast the weeks go by nowadays)!

You know the drill – You can place your order here: 6th Generation iPod Nano Front Glass, Touch Digitizer & LCD Screen Repair OR call 866-638-8402 OR email to get your order started this very nano second!

Cheers, Troy

Nano 6 screen repairs = no longer on backorder!

Good morning friends,

Just a quick blog to let everyone know that we have just received a HHHUUUGGGEEE (that’s as big as I can make “huge” in text!) shipment of brand new Nano 6 screens! As you may or may not know, these have been on backorder for many months and we’re thrilled to finally get these screens in stock.

Backorder is lifted we are good to go!

We have so many orders in our shop already that have been waiting for the screens to arrive. . .and most of my technicians are scrambling to get all of our waiting customers shipped today. So we’ve lifted the backorder on the website, and customers are free to once again order this screen repair without issue. iPod nano 6 screen repair once again available at Mission Repair!

Thanks again to all of our customers that have been patiently waiting. Your repair is next and if all goes well, it will be at your house tomorrow!!

Have a great day, Ryan