Cyber Monday Coupon code at Mission Repair!

Hi there, and good morning my friends. . .we are geared up, staffed up, and ready for today’s business. It’s CYBER MONDAY and it’s the busiest day of the year. Bear with us, we are answering calls in the order received and we promise to get to you shortly.

If you’d prefer to place your order online, you can use coupon code CYBER22 for a whopping 22% off of your entire order! This 22% discount is good for orders placed TODAY ONLY, 11/28/11.

Just enter the coupon code online for any of our repair services including iPod repair, iPhone repair, MacBook Repair and Cell phone repairs. This coupon will even work for our self-service repairs so if you want to buy a part, today is the day!

Visit the Mission Repair Website to get started!

Talk to you again soon, Ryan

Veteran’s Day is just around the corner!

Hello folks, how’s your week been? I had a visit from my packaging salesman today – Darrin Blackmore from Crown Packaging here in Lenexa Kansas. I’ve been working with Darrin for years, not only is he an amazing project manager and packaging specialist, but he’s also an amazing friend of mine that is an oak tree of a guy. “Oak tree” because this guy is rock solid and is the best in the business!

So he came in guns blazing today. I think it was the coffee. He donned my kevlar desert storm helmet – I keep it in my office when I need to think 😉 and brought some laughs to the business this morning.

You WILL buy these boxes Ryan!

It appears that Darrin is in terrific form today, but it’s no coincidence. He is a decorated US Navy Veteran. GMM2 Darrin Blackmore of the USS Jesse L. Brown, FF1089 and his tour was from 1984 to 1988. All kidding aside, Darrin has seen combat, has fought for our freedoms and is an amazing guy.

To all of the US Veterans, this Friday 11/11/11 is a tribute to you, and in light of the impending celebration we’ll release a coupon code in Darrin’s honor.

When checking out online, use coupon code “darrin” to receive 20% off of your next repair with us (for an iPod, iPhone, MacBook or any other repair!) – this coupon will expire at midnight on 11/11/11 so take advantage now! All you need to do is promise to look at this picture and get a laugh out of it.

I did.

Have a great Wednesday, Ryan

The truth about iPod Touch 4 digitizer adhesive kits!

Hello all- I wanted to post this blog to clarify a few items about our exclusive iPod 4 adhesive kits. We are the only repair company in the world that is using the proper adhesives to adhere the new screen into the iPod Touch 4 frame. Most companies are using GLUE which can seep into the wrong places and further ruin parts – something that inferior repair center might do. Be careful out there!

We provide adhesive kits with our iPod Touch 4 digitizer replacement panels and we use them when we install a new glass panel into your iPod Touch 4. It’s nothing new. Here’s a peek at our kits: Mission Repair’s iPod Touch 4 Adhesive Kits!

Here’s a shot of the exclusive Mission Repair adhesives (Mission Repair adhesives are simply amazing).

Our adhesive kits are laser cut. Any adhesives that are “rotary die cut” allows for a pretty good cut, but not nearly as precise as the laser cutting. The amazing part about our adhesive kits is the material that we use – it’s our secret – but it out performs glue and other cheap overseas adhesives every time. We have installed over 20,000 adhesives in customer units and we’ve also sold our adhesives to repair centers all over the country.

The fact is that if the unit ever needs to be worked on again, we can separate the adhesive from the frame and get back inside the device and even re-use the glass – you won’t be able to do this with a “glued” in glass- it will crack and shatter the second you try to remove it. This is an advantage that you can only get from the Mission Repair adhesives which is small for you our customer, but huge for the technicians that work on the devices. Trust me on this one!

Hey everyone have a great weekend, but remember to think about the repairs that you’re getting from other sites on the ‘net. Don’t be afraid to ask a few questions – or call us at 866-638-8402 and ask us, we have nothing to hide!

Take care, Ryan



You heard it here first. I was sitting at lunch the other day when it hit me. Yes, Mission Repair has an excellent reputation. Yes, we offer first-class professional iPhone and MacBook Repairs. Yes, we offer 24 hour turnaround and remarkable shipping rates. But EVERYONE is doing all this now, so how does a company continue to set the standard in the electronics repair service market? It hit me like a ton of bricks…we’re just going to set a NEW STANDARD FOR SERVICE. - CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS!

What is it exactly that we will be doing differently? Everything. We’re mixing it up and shaking the entire foundation of this market with our new service. This is the reason that Mission Repair has it’s excellent reputation and customer satisfaction. We set the bar high and our “GOTREPAIR” launch on 3/1/11 is going to reinvent the service world. Just watch and see.

Sorry I can’t give you more now, but March 1st will be here soon. We will have the back-end finalized, running and solid. We’re going to need it for such a huge expansion. We’ll shake the pillars of the very market we helped develop. Hang on tight!

Thanks, Ryan

New Conference Room Rockin!

Hello all, I’ve been promising pictures, so here we go. You can always see constant pics and updates on our business here on our blog or become a fan on our Mission Repair FaceBook fan page and see some really fun stuff! We want fans just like you!

Here’s a shot of a meeting in action. . .we had our TV screen installed with a Mac hidden behind the scenes. . .with a bluetooth keyboard and mouse, we have the ultimate presentation platform. Robbie is here explaining something to the group about our back-end database. It’s an invaluable tool!

OK, more pics will slowly filter in, it’s just that something about this pic of Robbie in action compelled me to post 😉 Take care, talk to you soon!