Throwback Thursday: The iPod Photo

As a repair center for iPods, Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops, we see a lot of different devices everyday. The most fun ones are the ‘vintage’ devices that come in for repair. Why REPLACE your old device you’ve loved for years, when often times you can REPAIR it for less!

Today we are celebrating Throwback Thursday with the iPod Photo, otherwise known as the 4th Gen iPod. This was the FIRST iPod to feature the revolutionary “click wheel” and was released over 10 years ago. In addition to being an audio player, like other iPods, the iPod Photo allowed users to store color photos. While that doesn’t sound revolutionary to us in 2014, it was an impressive feature at the time. Do you own an iPod Photo? Perhaps it needs to be repaired? Mission:Repair has you covered. Yes, we still services these devices. Click here for a list of our iPod Photo Repair Services.


Curious about repairing an ‘old’ device of your own? Mission:Repair can replace cracked screens, charging ports, hard drives, batteries and more. Be sure to give us a call at 1-866-638-8402 or visit our website at to view a full list of our repair services.

Happy Throwback Thursday,


It’s The Most Beautiful Time Of The Year!

Fall is here and I couldn’t be happier! It is my favorite season, although Summer is a close second. Don’t get me wrong – I love the Summer sunshine, going to the lake and hanging out by the pool but there is something about Fall that trumps all those things. It may be all of the pumpkin flavored coffees, muffins, etc. or being able to wear my favorite comfy sweatshirt. What I really think it is – is watching the leaves change. I know I’m not the only one – there is something about being surrounded by pretty trees and bushes that automatically puts me in a great mood.

FullSizeRenderThis bush in particular you can’t help but notice right outside our office window at our Olathe location. It lines the parking lot and I was just informed by Krys that these type of bushes are called ‘Burning Bushes’. Their fall foliage color ranges from red to pinkish-red and can also have reddish-orange berries. You can see this really well in this picture I took today.

Another great thing about Fall at Mission:Repair is our Annual Chili Cook-Off! This will take place next week and we are all making sure to keep our recipes secret until then. Stay tuned – we’ll let you know who wins next week.

What do you love about Fall? Do you have any great Fall foliage pictures? Share them with us on Facebook or Instagram (@missionrepair) – I’d love to see them!

Happy Fall everyone!