Back In Action!

Hello M:R Nation!

It has been a few days since my last post and let me tell you, it has left quite the void in my life. I almost got addicted to sharing stories with our readers, but the amount of calls, emails, live chats, repairs and “walk-ins” have been a bit overwhelming. So I have decided to start blogging on my lunch. This is what I call multi-tasking!

Now I know that 4:30 is a pretty late lunch, but its the only free time I could find :-). Anyway, this is me dipping my toes back in the blog pool. Look to soon for some very awesome upgrades we have made here at  Mission Repair to better process the repairs that flow through here!


cheers, Troy!

iPhone 2.0 Upgrade Issues!

Hello Blog Readers- as you may have heard there’s a lot of controversy right now upgrading the original iPhones to software version 2.0, possibly due to long queue times contacting the iTunes Store.

Many users are reporting wait times of 4 hours or more. . .after downloading and installing the 2.0 software, the bottleneck arises when the iPhone tries to connect to the iTunes Store to finish the installation. It appears that there is an issue due to the overload of high traffic on Apple’s software servers. We experienced it ourselves this morning.

You may want to wait to “get in line” but if you’ve already begun the software update and are experiencing problems, I was able to finish the download by restarting my Mac and only having iTunes open, then reconnecting the iPhone and it only took 2 minutes.  It may be coincidence, but the restart seemed to fix my issue.  Now I’ve got 2.0 on my iPhone and it’s working great! Lovin it!

I’ll try to post my blog on other related sites, as it might be helpful to other users. Stay tuned, we’ll be back if any new info arises.