New iPhone Repair Video Released!

Hello again everyone, we have released our newest video to assist you with installing one of our awesome iPhone 3GS Dock Port Assemblies. This is the part that you’ll need if you’ve gotten your dock port wet, bent your pins on the charging port, or if you’re just having problems with your iPhone 3GS charging. Before you install this part, make sure that you watch our newest YouTube Video for professional advice and instructions!

If you’re still not satisfied performing this repair on your own, of course we can take care of it for you as we offer a flat-rate service for iPhone 3GS dock port repair here.

Thanks and have a good YouTube experience!

Best, Ryan

Repair your iPhone 3G Cracked Glass in less than 6 minutes!

Thank you to everyone for watching our iPod Touch Cracked Glass repair video in my blog post yesterday. We are finalizing our newest how-to video and we’re going to show you how to repair the cracked glass on the iPhone 3G using the same type of technique and assembly as the iPod Touch.

The iPhone 3G Glass Repair is a bit trickier, but doable. My production team is busy wrapping up the final editing of the video – and they hate me for adding this extra pressure – but it’ll be released today! Once again, we’re adding to the knowledge of the masses in case you want to know. Remember, that Mission Repair also provides iPhone Protection Plans against damages and failures on iPhones in the event you want coverage – it’s like iPhone Insurance. Let us know if we can help you out!

OK, I’ll be back soon with a video and some iPhone 3G Repair instructions.

Thanks, Ryan