There goes Casey off to school and 20% off your order at Mission Repair!

Hello folks, so I saw my boy off to school today. It’s his first day of his sophomore year and he got his first car this summer. Life is good for him right now!

So it’s the same every year since he started kindergarten. The first day of school is amazing and fun and exciting and nerve-wracking. Last night he got all of his supplies ready (which included 7 boxes of kleenex! I mean how can you carry 7 boxes of Kleenex and all of your other stuff?!)

Casey is ALMOST a man. I say “almost” because he’s not 18 yet and I still want to protect him even if he is 6 ft. tall and has a size 13 shoe – he’s still my little boy and I’m trying to always watch out for him. In fact, I snapped this picture and you can see it on his face. Basically he’s saying “Dad, did you really have to come to school with me and take my picture in the parking lot?”

Yes I did.

So I got a little choked up and sent him off. My little “big” boy is no longer the Freshman at school. Times-are-a-flying!

Here’s to the back-to-school time of the year and in case you missed it, enter coupon code “backtoschool20” for any order placed on the Mission Repair website and you’ll get 20% off that order now through 8/21/12. Amazing.

Take care, Ryan

Mission Repair expansion and all that it entails.

Good morning everyone, it’s been a tough couple of weeks.  Working late nights and early mornings makes the days go by quickly, but at my age I need my beauty rest.  I had a buddy who’s motto was “sleep is for the weak”.  Well chalk me up in the weak category I guess, I could use a nap right now!!

We’ve been hard at work with yet another building expansion.  Why are we expanding?  Well it’s a necessity.  We need space for the new people that we’ve hired and we are on the largest hiring spree in the company’s history.  We need technicians, customer service personnel, shipping and receiving clerks – all to get started at Mission Repair asap.

Within a week, this space will be fully operational and at full staff!

Our new addition will house our newest 30 employees that are coming on as fast as we can get them screened, interviewed and hired!  Need a job?  EMail our General Manager Troy =

It’s the result of a ton of hard work and rapid growth. All of which are happening at Mission Repair. This newest addition will bring an entirely new “production line” style of service that you’re not used to from Mission Repair – we are going to be able to run repairs down the line and generate an exceptional run rate which only means one thing for our customers. . .faster service at a better-than-ever-before pricing.

It’s a “win-win” for everyone.

OK, I’ve been asked for a new coupon code from several fans of the Mission Repair FaceBook Fan page. I’ll bring you one shortly!

Best, Ryan

If I only had $39 Billion laying around. (I’m a couple bucks short)

So did you hear the big news? AT&T (our favorite Apple phone service provider) just bought T-Mobile for $39 billion. They announced the definitive agreement in cash and stock which I assume would be paid over many years, but the agreement has been approved by both companies.

What does this mean for us, the AT&T users? Well hopefully this means that their high-speed mobile broadband service will improve in quality and coverage including all of the little pockets and rural areas where my phone breaks up.

That, and no more T-Mobile Stores. . .interesting! Keep your eyes and ears open for more AT&T and Apple news. I just have a feeling there’s more to come.

Thanks, Ryan