iPad repairs are rolling out. I’m not sure why we ever take a day off!

Hello folks, I’ve been trying to get back to the blog today but it’s has been a busy day around good old Mission Repair. In fact, we are quickly approaching our “record-breaking” mark for number of orders in a single day and it’s only 5:00pm here in Kansas City. I think that we will reach that milestone shortly!

All of this activity really slows us down on the rest of the necessary daily activities – like blogging – or emails – or taking out the trash 😉 I think that we are still a little backlogged from the day off last week when the entire company was closed for the 4th of July. It’s always a nice break to get out of the office and take some time with our families but honestly it really cramps the business when we return.

As a business owner, it’s fine with me. But as a working owner, I understand the pressures that it puts on the employees. I’m feeling it too!

So it is the end of the day, I am able to sit down and jot out a few words. I just wanted to stop and say “thank you” for all of your business, praise and input. We are doing our best here providing the nation with the most amazing iPad Repair service and fixing cracked iPhones by the truckload. . .and I will continue to improve our service packages.

Remember if you need us, just call 866-638-8402. We are open 7 days a week but remember if it’s 4th of July, Thanksgiving Day, or Christmas, we’ll be relaxing for a minute.

Have a great day, Ryan