Gold Award. . .Again for 2011!

Hello folks, how was your Halloweeen weekend? Mine was great, we had a small neighborhood party Saturday and then a low-key Halloween night. My son, who is 13, went on what is most likely his last “trick-or-treating” outing. When he returned back home, he said that he felt pretty old compared to the other kids. I think he’s right – he’s in 8th grade, and the childhood fun of Halloween is just tapped out. I could see him reflecting on days past, so we curled up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and watched a Blu-Ray together when he got home. We were able to go through one more pillow case of candy together and the “dad” pile was pretty generous. . . I got all of the Twix bars 😉

OK, well my great weekend fun ran into this morning when I was informed that Mission Repair has done it again! For the third year in a row, we won the GOLD AWARD on Top Ten Reviews for Best iPhone Repair Site on the internet.

I was shocked when we received the award in 2009. Excited to get it in 2010. Now for a third year in a row we’ve received the top honors (and I see that our competition keeps shuffling around in the 2-8 spots). We promise to honor the award and the praise by staying the Nations #1 iPhone Repair leader. Year after year we continue to break the mold and branch into new services and new exciting customer experiences. I mean without our customers, we are nothing.

This is a great way to start the week off for us here at Mission Repair. It’s all the “thanks” we need.

Hey, have a good week yourselves and I’ll talk to you again soon. We are launching roughly 60 new services this week, you’ll see them here first!

Best, Ryan