There’s a “football” feeling in the air…and on the air!

Hi everyone, it’s been a record breaking month at Mission Repair and I’ve still got a lot of work to do today; and I’m even leaving at 4:30 to see a Pro Football Preseason Game this afternoon so I’ll make this quick!

There’s a lot of talk about Football right now- everyone is drafting their fantasy teams, the major NFL cuts are happening soon and season ticket holders are polishing their tailgating equipment – all just in time for the first “real” games the first week of September!

What does this time of year bring for Mission Repair? Well we’ve got an extensive advertising campaign running on our local football team, the Kansas City Chiefs, pregame show. We’re going to be on the radio and on the television advertising to millions of viewers weekly very soon. Here’s a shot of me “trying” to read my next radio ad:


It can be tough to belt out the entire script in one take- so they guys at 102.5 FM just work their magic until I sound great. Trust me, these weren’t recorded in one take- I was in this booth for an hour yesterday just trying to get it right. It didn’t help that I had Troy, my General Manager right next to me snickering each time I said “Ryan Arter here, owner at Mission Repair, and when the KC Chiefs score, you score!” He just got a kick out of that.


I’m just talking about the some of the “behind the scenes” activity that goes around here at Mission Repair. No one told me that owning a business would be so much work…but days like this make it really rewarding in any case.

So speaking of “When Kansas City scores, you score”, I’m promoting an offer on the radio each week that provides deep discounts when the Chiefs score. The more they score, the more my customers will save. So for those of you that are outside of the Kansas City and outside of the Kansas City Radio Network, I’ll post the same offer here on the blog for you to enjoy when it runs…which is not today! You’ll have to wait until the official NFL season start, and I hope to see you at one of the games!

For those of you that know me, you know that I’m a Chiefs fan but there’s another team closer to my heart. Care to take a guess?

Have a great day, Ryan

Sticky Stacks Syrup. FREE from Mission Repair!!

Well hello there everyone, we are knocking the blogs out today. This afternoon, I had a nice surprise when the owner of Sticky Stacks (located here in Kansas City) stopped by with some treats. He read my blog about pancake syrups and that I loved his product, the Sticky Stacks Peanut Butter Syrup that you might remember from a few weeks ago.

Now I have 3 cases of syrups on my desk- of course the Peanut Butter Syrup that I raved about 😉 But also “S’more” and “Coffee Caramel Macchiato”. The Coffee syrup has The Roasterie Coffee in the bottle, I can’t wait to give it a try!

How would you feel about having a bottle of the “S’more” syrup out at the campsite with your Coleman grill and a campfire crackling in the background? Sounds pretty good to me!!

So now that I’ve met and gotten to know the owner Shawn Larson, and I have a huge supply of syrup on my desk, why not give away a few bottles to a few thrilled customers at Mission Repair? All you need to do is use a special coupon when you checkout. I’m only going to give away 10 bottles of syrup, so first come first served. And I’m going to pick between the 3 types so you’ll get what our shipping department gives ya…but heck it’s a FREE ITEM, just make sure to spread the word!!

So if you want to get yourself a FREE bottle of Sticky Stacks flavored syrup…add coupon code “YUMMY” to our next order. Remember that this coupon will only work for 10 people, so take advantage while you can!!

What does syrup and iPhone repair have in common? Not much. It’s more me helping out a new business owner get some steam behind his product. He was kind enough to bring me some presents, so I’m going to repay the favor and help his get some exposure, by giving away 10 bottles for him!!

Ok, that’s it, now I’m hungry for some waffles for some reason 😉

Take care, Ryan

Santa Clause is coming to town, and he’s bringing a Christmas special.

Wow, I just looked up and noticed that it’s already December 21st! Yikes, I better get my Christmas shopping done asap 😉

So the other day I was up at the North Pole, see proof of my claim:

And was talking to Santa. I was actually trying to make sure that I was not on the “naughty list”, when he suggested that I offer a special deal to those walk-in customers that we receive at our main service center in Olathe, Kansas.

Since we will be closed Friday – Monday this week, tomorrow we are waiving our front-of-the-line fees for any customer that comes into our shop and needs a repair. We have actually run this special several years in a row now, my technicians really don’t like it, my General Manager hates it, but I LOVE IT.

Stop on by our location and we will do your repair while you wait for no extra fee. I’m talking about iPod repairs, iPhone repair, or Mac Screen repairs! There’s no coupon necessary, just stop on by for your service and as usual there’s no appointment necessary. Merry Christmas everyone, and I hope to see you tomorrow at the office!

Take care, Ryan

We’re offering overtime to our technicians!

Hello all, this CYBER WEEK has been amazing. We received a record number of orders on Cyber Monday. . .and then again a record number of orders on Cyber Tuesday. I’m continually amazed by the amount of response that we get from my blog postings – thanks so much for reading the Mission Repair Blog!

Well I want to put your mind at ease. . .we’ve hired 4 new employees within the last couple of weeks and I’m offering overtime to all of my technicians so we can stay on top of our service. In fact, we’ve come up with a new management style and management philosophy here at Mission Repair and this picture speaks for itself:

Hey, I was hoping to get a pretty good laugh from this 😉 Get it, we are hand cuffing the technicians to the tech bench? OK, it’s not completely true, because they get time off for good behavior as a benefit!

On a serious note we are rocking over here and I am just kidding of course Jake is not really cuffed to the desk. . .however I bet that he “feels” that he is. Confidence is high and we’re in the thick of it. I’ll talk to you again soon!

Best, Ryan

Cappuccino anyone?

Hi there, we’re excited about our new cappuccino maker here at the office. So excited that I just had to take a quick picture of it. We had the guys from Flavia come out and install their top ‘o the line coffee distillery.

Ann - our resident Barista!

Ann - our resident Barista!

The cool thing about this unit is that it makes one cup at a time by drawing filtered water from a hard line, then brewing the concoction of your choice. Not interested in regular coffee? That’s OK, how about a Milky Way Chococcino, or an Iced Latte, or my fav, Vanilla Cappucino. Yes, it does make REGULAR OLD COFFEE as well, but where’s the fun in that?

There’s a line at the machine in the morning, but trust me that to get through a day of 3G iPhone Repairs, this machine is a life saver!

OK, gotta go get another cup. By the way, with all of this coffee, I can now type 375 WPM. HA! Sleep is for the weak!

See ya, Ryan