St. Patrick’s Day – we’re going green – and there’s a coupon code inside!

Hello my friends, and may the luck of the Irish be with you!

I wonder how many green beers will be sold tomorrow? It’s funny how the “excuse” of St. Patrick’s Day justifies the over-drinking of green beer. Frankly, it seems a little strange to me.

There are a ton of traditions that come with St. Patrick’s Day. . .the “Kiss me I’m Irish” t-shirts, the 3 leaf shamrock clover, the creepy little leprechaun smoking a pipe (look for yourself!) and green attire. Be sure to wear something green tomorrow or you’ll get pinched!

Well, I’m on board. Heck, life is a giant celebration and St. Patrick’s day is as good of a day as any to have a great time. Do you have any big plans? The weather is looking great out here in Kansas City – couple that with the fact that St. Patrick’s day is on a Saturday this year – I have a feeling that this town is going to be in full-swing!

Which brings me to our newest coupon code to save you a little “green” this weekend. Peruse our repair services online at Mission Repair (for whatever you need – iPhone repair, iPad repair, Android repair) and when you checkout now through Sunday at midnight we’ll give you 17% off your entire order, including shipping!! Use coupon code “LUCKY” to get your discount. This coupon cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon and it will expire Sunday, 3/18/12.

Have a great weekend and don’t eat too much cabbage.

Take care, Ryan

We’ll take the punishment so you don’t have to.


I heard this earlier coming from the tech room and unfortunately it can be a common occurrence here at the Mission Repair.

I’d like my customers to think of it this way; let us go through the pains of the repair. Many customers try to perform repairs on their own inevitably to only hurt themselves (or their device) in the process. Most of our repairs are glass screen repairs and this is clearly the more “dangerous” type of service. . .because there’s broken glass involved. Our troops at Mission Repair are fully trained (and insured I might add) to work on these delicate yet dangerous services. We know the risks involved.

Today’s victim was Ryan Flynn – a.k.a. “Flynn” around here. Flynn is an active Marine, a rugged individual with extensive military background and a strong spirit. Here he is today:

Rub some dirt on it and get back in the game!

OK, this is an exaggeration – he did cut himself, but I want to assure you that he did not need stitches, nor this many bandages, or even a call to his mommy. Flynn “manned up” and cleaned his wound, wrapped a band-aid around it and went back to work.

It’s the hazard of the job, and we love it. We’re on the front lines every day and we’re here to protect you. Leave the repair job to the experts!

Take care, Ryan

Camping in December? You bet!

Hello folks, Bear Grylls here. Just kidding, it’s just me Ryan.

Actually, I’m gearing up for a camping trip this weekend. Yes, you heard me right, I’m heading out in a couple of hours to hit the wilderness in the middle of December, in the middle of Kansas. This last month has been a ruckus for me personally, so I need some quiet nature time to myself.

I’m loading up our company deuce and a half with survival gear and a heater 😉

It’s due to be in the 20’s overnight but I feel like I’m ready for it. I’m heading out with our Shipping Manager, Lennie and we’re going to rough it for a few days. It’s little known but I’m a pretty big outdoor enthusiast and I like to be outside. I try to go camping several times every year and I have plans to hike in Peru soon. In fact, did you know that I scaled Mount Everest? Here’s a shot of me on Everest last year:

It was a nice enough day that I thought a short sleeve shirt was appropriate. It’s not as high as I thought, it took me about 4 minutes to get to the top after I stopped for some s’mores! OK, I know it’s corny, but sometimes life is just too serious for me. I’m trying to make you smile! Did it work?

Well, I need to get my checklist out and I promise to take a few pictures of this weekend – I’ll share them with you next week.

Take care, Ryan

Hey, are you guys ready to let the blogs out?

This blog title is my attempt at a pun from a recent popular movie. When I say recent, it’s from 2009 and it’s being quoted all over Las Vegas- I just watched it again this weekend and it’s still pretty hilarious!

Do you know who wore this shirt on the big screen?

I’m glad to be back in the office this week! How was your Easter Sunday? Went pretty well for me however my youngest child is 14 years old and still wants to do an Easter egg hunt. I took care of him last night and let he and his sisters roam the yard searching for eggs. . .For dinner I made a huge batch of fried chicken in my outdoor fryer and made several flavors of wings and breasts. Mashed potatoes, gravy and corn on the cob off the grill rounded out the meal with a strawberry cake as the grand finale!

Well, now this week I need to get back to my normal diet and back to my normal tasks of helping you find the service at Mission Repair that you’re looking for. Not to worry, you can start here:

iPod Repair
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MacBook Repair
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Windows Laptop Repair

Then after you’ve chosen your service, just use coupon code “Alan” to receive 10% off upon checkout!! This coupon will be good through 4/30/11 at midnight so get on it quickly! This coupon works online or when you call in. . .

Well have a great Monday and we’ll see you at the movies on 5/26/11. This is when the sequel comes out!

Take care, Ryan

We’re your guardian angel.

Hello all- Mission Repair is The Intelligent Choice! Our Got Repair program is steamrollin’! The press and activity that we’ve received from our new “Got Repair” program and Got Repair Website are really blowing my expectations away.

Every time I answer the phone either I’m bringing it up to a customer, or a customer is bringing it up to me. This new peace of mind that we’re offering to our customers is the NEW STANDARD in how repair businesses should run their companies. Not just iPhone repairs or iPad repairs, I’m talking any service company in the nation.

What is our new “Gor Repair” program all about? It’s about customer satisfaction. It’s about customer service. It’s about being realistic and appreciative to our customers. Read all about on most of our product listing on our website.

Thanks again, I’ll be back tomorrow with a huge new batch of “Got Repair” covered service tomorrow. Ryan