Deal of the Day – iPhone 4 screen repair only $99 – can this be right?

Hello all, I’m still typing away today. So many pieces of good news, I can’t get to all of them yet. This one I had to share immediately because this price is unheard of in the market!

$99 iPhone 4 screen repair!

Why is it so inexpensive? Well I’m going to get to the point. I secured a great deal on a large batch of iPhone 4 screens. It’s amazing what I can do when we buy in bulk. We were able to negotiate a significantly lower price on these screens for the time being so I’m going to pass the savings on to you.

Right now, just get your order placed asap. This is a $20 savings and will only last as long as I have these screens from this purchase in stock. Most likely the price will jump back up thereafter!

Have a great Monday afternoon.

Best, Ryan

Back to school and a coupon code!

How does a 15% off Back to School Special sound? The reason that I’m offering this now is because I just took my kids “back to school shopping” and it wasn’t cheap. I mean after the laundry list of supplies that we needed and the clothes and lunch money deposits, I wasn’t left with much in my wallet!

So in response to this money madness I’m going to spur the economy. . .We’re offering 15% off any iPod Repair, iPad Glass repair, MacBook upgrade or any other service that we offer now though August 21, 2011 at Midnight so don’t delay.

Just enter coupon code “DEUCE” to receive that 15% off starting immediately. I’ll be back soon with more awesome information!

Best, Ryan