Cash for used iPhones and iPads – Going Green

Hello all, so much good news, so little time! I have a good friend in the electronics repair market and his new business promises to bring you a little cash if you ever want to sell that iDevice that you’ve got stashed in the junk drawer at home!

My friends at Tech Orchard, LLC provide a fast, “eco-friendly”, and hassle-free way for consumers to sell their used iPhones® or iPads® online. Users of the site receive an instant no-risk quote for their device(s) with seconds. Once a quote is accepted, users receive a postage-paid envelope in the mail within three business days to return with their device.

Click the picture for a quote!

Users of Tech Orchard service can choose to be paid via PayPal, check via mail, or users may donate their device to charity and Tech Orchard will add an additional 10% to their donation. The owner Phil Poge told me:

“We want to encourage people and organizations to be generous givers to great charities; so we’re adding 10% to every donation as our part” said Poje, a long-time advocate of social and environmental stewardship. “Being good stewards of our resources, and helping others is at the core of our mission. At Tech Orchard, we’ve made a serious commitment to minimizing our footprint by adopting FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified printing technologies, and utilizing recycled packaging materials in addition to our primary focus of repurposing and recycling electronic devices.”

Phil’s a great guy and his business is really taking off. I’m glad to be a part of watching it grow from inception.

As you know, I don’t talk a lot about other businesses in my blog, but Tech Orchard is worth the print. I encourage you to check them out!

Take care, Ryan