Mission Repair iPhone app has been submitted!

Hello again! Where have you been? I missed you! I’ve been neck deep in business. We had a record month in March and truth be told I’m happy to wrap it up. Our Mission Repair anniversary is tomorrow (Yes it’s on April Fools Day!) and we are planning a little BBQ luncheon and cake for the company. It’s going to be great to get outside (will be 80 degrees out tomorrow) and we can get a little sunshine on our faces at the same time!

We have made it through another HUGE project here at Mission Repair and we have officially submitted our very first iPhone and iPod Touch App to Apple. We are just now waiting out the approval process and you can be sure that I’ll let you know when you can get his free app! It’s very exciting and we are thrilled to be at the end of this process and get the project into Apple’s hands. Here’s what you’ll see on your iPhone Desktop:


The PROTECT ME (patent pending) app will enroll your iPhone into our iPhone Protection Plan from your location anywhere in the USA. You’ll be able to apply coverage against breakage and add extended protection that will cover your phone even after the manufacturer warranty expires. It’s a fantastic deal and it’s the first program of its kind- where the same award-winning iPhone Repair company sells the protection plan AND performs the service on the iPhone. Check it out, and it’s only here at Mission Repair!

OK, I’ll be back soon with more app updates and more app fun. Take care, talk to you again very soon!


Mission Repair iTunes App in final testing stages!

Yes, it’s an exciting time! The programmers over at Backlight Software are feverishly running through and debugging the app, as well as adding last minute additions and information.

What is this new app going to do for you?

Well to get right to the point- it’s going to allow you to run a complete scan and diagnosis of your iPhone from your location. With a “passing” score, you can then buy our exclusive MPG iPhone Protection Plan (right from the app!) then rest easy – with our MPG plan (which is like iPhone Insurance) adds glass breakage and other failures for a one-time fee. It’s a guarantee of the performance of the iPhone. With coverage plans ranging from one to two years, you almost can’t afford not to protect your iPhone (or iPod Touch!). Stay tuned, more coming soon!


Mission Repair App coming to iTunes – very soon!

Good morning everyone,

Thank you to all of our loyal blog readers. We have a lot of new visitors and customers and this blog is a great way for you to stay current with the Mission Repair buzz. Well, what’s new today?

Our very own Mission Repair iPhone and iPod Touch App is coming very soon! What is this App going to do for you? Well, probably only the most important thing that you can do for your iPhone. . .protect it. With our App, that you’ll be able to download from iTunes very soon, you’ll be able to remotely run a diagnostic test of your iPhone and sign up for our affordable iPhone Protection MPG Program (think of it like iPhone insurance) from your location, and instantaneously have iPhone coverage. You know, coverage for things like glass breakage, batteries, charging ports, screens, logic boards and more! Here’s a candidate for the App desktop icon:

We’ve already had a huge influx of customers that have added Mission Repair’s iPhone MPG Coverage to their iPhones and iPod Touches, but now we will be able to easily reach every customer in the US for coverage and it will only take a few minutes of your time for the peace of mind that comes with our protection plans. How do we do it? We couple our fully underwritten and insurance based partnership with Mission Repair’s award winning iPhone Repair Service to bring you the most complete coverage with service performed by the people you trust. Remember, that if you ever have to file a claim, Mission Repair will take the call AND perform the repair IN HOUSE. Compare this to the other “insurance” plans out there. When you have a claim, who is performing the repair? Do you trust your iPhone to be repaired by unknown personnel? When you call to file a claim, will you be talking to the actual technician that will be servicing your needs? These are important questions that you may want to know!

This is my first blog about the new App. There will be many more to come. Thanks for checking back in with us (we have almost 200,000 unique readers as of today!!) and I will be back soon.

Have a wonderful Thursday, Ryan

iPhone Protection Plans Announced at Mission Repair!

Hold on to your seats ladies and gentlemen. We’ve announced the ONLY service of it’s kind. From your trusted service group at Mission Repair and developed with our partners at MobileMotive. . .we launch our unique MPG program that extends service coverage on your iPhone (or iPod Touch) for up to 2 years, and screen breakage is included!

That’s right, you now have an option to have screen breakage covered by our MPG Protection Plan. Want to know more? I bet you do. . .just view the details on our website here about Mission Repair’s MPG’s Program, and get Peace of Mind. It will be hitting press and the newsletter tomorrow, so you heard it here first.

Well, you probably heard it first on TheAppleBlog.com. They beat me to the punch!

OK, enough for tonight, I have a few more items to finish before I head to grab a bite to eat. Take care, let me know what you think!!

Best, Ryan