We’ll take the punishment so you don’t have to.


I heard this earlier coming from the tech room and unfortunately it can be a common occurrence here at the Mission Repair.

I’d like my customers to think of it this way; let us go through the pains of the repair. Many customers try to perform repairs on their own inevitably to only hurt themselves (or their device) in the process. Most of our repairs are glass screen repairs and this is clearly the more “dangerous” type of service. . .because there’s broken glass involved. Our troops at Mission Repair are fully trained (and insured I might add) to work on these delicate yet dangerous services. We know the risks involved.

Today’s victim was Ryan Flynn – a.k.a. “Flynn” around here. Flynn is an active Marine, a rugged individual with extensive military background and a strong spirit. Here he is today:

Rub some dirt on it and get back in the game!

OK, this is an exaggeration – he did cut himself, but I want to assure you that he did not need stitches, nor this many bandages, or even a call to his mommy. Flynn “manned up” and cleaned his wound, wrapped a band-aid around it and went back to work.

It’s the hazard of the job, and we love it. We’re on the front lines every day and we’re here to protect you. Leave the repair job to the experts!

Take care, Ryan

Ok, I cracked my iPhone glass. The solution…

Good morning friends, it was all good until I got out of my truck today, hands full, and I dropped my iPhone 4 which landed on the concrete with a tell-tell “clickety-clack-thud”. I didn’t even see it happen, rather only heard it. I knew exactly what I was in for.

Another iPhone Victim. Thank goodness I'm at Mission Repair!

Here’s the setup. I got in my truck at my house with a cup of coffee, my wallet, my iPad and MacBook Air in hand. It was a full load. I set my coffee in the open cup holder (the other cup holder is full of spare change) and set my phone in my lap (mistake!)

When I got to work, I grabbed my coffee, laptop and iPad. Slid out of the truck and “slam!” I forgot about my phone that was silently sitting in my lap. Yikes! There were a lot of forces working against me here.

1. I typically DO NOT take coffee with me. We’ve got 2 coffee pots at the office!
2. I typically slip my iPhone into that open cup holder.
3. I typically get at least ONE phone call during my 10 minute drive to work. I didn’t today, and it enabled me to “forget” about my phone! That’s a rarity!

I think that this combination of factors caused me to change my procedure and in turn my iPhone paid the price. Well, I own an iPhone repair business and it still made me cringe. I can’t imagine what I’d do if I didn’t know what to do at this point. Call Apple? Visit AT&T? They will both tell you that it’s damaged and out of warranty.

I have the solution. Visit our iPhone 4 glass repair page. It’s the fastest way to get your (my) iPhone back in good health. We’ve got the parts in stock, the Macintosh Certified Technicians on hand, and the expertise to do your repair right. We also have something that no other business offers. After having your repair done with us if you ever accidentally drop and crack that screen again, we’ll repair it again under our “Got Repair” program that costs you nothing up front. ZERO. You’re automatically covered with us in the event you throw off your own morning routine and drop your iPhone like I did!

OK, let me know if you have any questions. I need to get my phone repaired now!


The truth about the iPhone 4 Glass Replacement!

Hello everyone, this post is in response to the THOUSANDS of you that have read my earlier post about iPhone 3G Glass and Digitizer Replacements. I just need to clarify some of the questions that we receive constantly about this particular repair.

The dreaded iPhone 4 “cracked glass” issue!

We are flowing a massive amount of 3G Glass Replacements through our business these days – iPhone 4 parts and repairs are steadily growing and I want to clear up a few inquiries right here:

1. The 3G/3GS Glass and Digitizer WILL NOT WORK in your iPhone 4. As they look similar, they are 100% different products and not interchangeable.

2. The iPhone 4 Glass Repair is more expensive than the 3G and 3GS iPhone Glass Repair. The reason is that the iPhone 4 version of the glass was an assembly of the glass, digitizer, and LCD screen. The 3G version has a separate LCD screen, and therefore it’s a less expensive assembly.

3. You cannot just replace the glass on the iPhone 4. To fix a cracked glass on an iPhone 4 we must replace the glass, digitizer and the LCD as I stated above. These parts are (for a lack of better term) “fused” together from the factory. There is just no way to safely separate and reuse any of these parts.

4. You cannot use “plexiglass” and perform your own “cheap” repair. This is ridiculous. I have seen posts advising this and I challenge anyone to prove that they can get the touch digitizer and LCD off of their broken glass front and get it to work with a home made plexiglass front. Can’t be done.

5. We do sell “Do-it-yourself” iPhone 4 Glass assemblies. You can find them on our website. The 3G version is much easier but it’s still only for the very “technically inclined” end user.

This will help with some of the common questions, for sure. We know that there are many theories out there but you can take solid advice from us here at Mission Repair. We’ve repaired THOUSANDS of units and it makes perfect sense to listen to the voice of experience. Still have questions? Give us a call at 866-638-8402 and we’ll get you on the phone with a technician right away!

Thanks everyone, have a great weekend. Ryan

BEFORE: iPhone 4 cracked glass-

Hello everyone- here’s what a brand new iPhone looks like when it’s shattered. Yup, just like that mental picture in your head, right? I feel terrible for the customers that this happens to. . .it’s true. iPhone 4 repairs are coming in daily – already!

We'll have this fixed and shipped back out today!

Even though my business is repairing iPhones, it’s still disheartening to have a customer call the day after they bought their brand new iPhone 4 to order a service for repair. I know that it’s a bad deal. I know that it hurts. I know that you just want to use your new iPhone (when it’s being sent to my repair center for a new screen). I want to assure you, we will do our best to keep our prices down (we’ll look at them daily and adjust them as our new stock rolls in) and we’ll do our best to get the repair turned around the same day. I also promise that I’ll make sure to understand what you’re going through and make it as easy and as painless as possible.

Check back in a little while- I’ll post a picture of this same iPhone, repaired, and going back out to my customer. It’s just what we do!

Thanks everyone, talk to you again soon.


Our Mission Repair Free iPhone App has launched!

Drum roll please. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Ta-da! And just like magic, we have an App (a free App I might add) on the iTunes App Store! Check it out here!

It's like iPhone insurance!

The wait is over and I get to relax for a few minutes. Our BRAND NEW iPhone and iPod Touch App is done, approved, released and available to the millions of iPhone and iPod Touch owners. We have been working like madmen over here at Mission Repair with our partners, MobileMotive, to perfect and fine tune our very own Protect Me™ Protection Plans that the world has been waiting for.

Need a protection plan for your iPhone that covers a cracked glass? Look no further. Just pick a plan here and download our App. Did I mention that the App is APPROVED and on iTunes? Thanks Apple!!

Or maybe you’d like a little peace of mind with your iPod Touch. Not a problem, we have a lineup of plans available for iPod Touch as well. Check it out here!

I am SO excited for this program to get some steam behind it. Go ahead, download the App. It’s free, check it out, and leave us a comment! Try it out. There’s absolutely no obligation to buy anything- it’s just kinda fun.

Let me know what you think.

Best, Ryan