Happy Anniversary Mission Repair!

Yummy! Here’s our cake for this year’s Company anniversary celebration today! We’ll be cutting into this delicious goodness in about an hour. . .because we all need an eating “break” from the HUGE BBQ lunch we had today! The employees all gathered around the BBQ this afternoon as we cooked up a ton of food- no one is going home hungry. . .here’s a shot of some of the group up in our break room:

The front office smells like burgers right now. . .I think that it might also be embedded in my shirt 😉

Well here’s to another successful business year and another optimistic year ahead of us! We want to start this fiscal year out right with our new iPhone App. Coming to the App Store VERY SOON! Stay tuned!

Have a great Thursday!

Take care, Ryan

P.S. If you’d like some cake and ice cream, stop on by our office betwen 3 and 4 o’clock today. I’ll bring you a plate!

Mission Repair iPhone app has been submitted!

Hello again! Where have you been? I missed you! I’ve been neck deep in business. We had a record month in March and truth be told I’m happy to wrap it up. Our Mission Repair anniversary is tomorrow (Yes it’s on April Fools Day!) and we are planning a little BBQ luncheon and cake for the company. It’s going to be great to get outside (will be 80 degrees out tomorrow) and we can get a little sunshine on our faces at the same time!

We have made it through another HUGE project here at Mission Repair and we have officially submitted our very first iPhone and iPod Touch App to Apple. We are just now waiting out the approval process and you can be sure that I’ll let you know when you can get his free app! It’s very exciting and we are thrilled to be at the end of this process and get the project into Apple’s hands. Here’s what you’ll see on your iPhone Desktop:


The PROTECT ME (patent pending) app will enroll your iPhone into our iPhone Protection Plan from your location anywhere in the USA. You’ll be able to apply coverage against breakage and add extended protection that will cover your phone even after the manufacturer warranty expires. It’s a fantastic deal and it’s the first program of its kind- where the same award-winning iPhone Repair company sells the protection plan AND performs the service on the iPhone. Check it out, and it’s only here at Mission Repair!

OK, I’ll be back soon with more app updates and more app fun. Take care, talk to you again very soon!