iPhone 6S Repairs – COMING SOON!

Hello there friends!

Well, I’m due for an upgrade and I think that I’ll be waiting for the iPhone 6S to release to make the switch. I don’t know, I just feel like I deserve something new. For crying out loud even my son has the iPhone 6 Plus and I he keeps rubbing it in my face 😉

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 11.50.14 AM

Now that the new version of the iPhone is out, it looks like there will be a new trend here at Mission Repair and the iPhone 6S Screen repairs are being added as we speak (as well as the 6S Plus!) and we are gearing and ordering inventory as we speak.

Why buy the 6S?

The headliner, the show-stopper, the fundamental reason -Apple thinks- you should buy an iPhone 6S. 3D Touch brings another dimension to how you operate your smartphone. Using the new taptic engine, the iPhone 6S’s display can measure how hard you press down on it. Deeper presses on apps will bring up an option menu or provide short cuts. Two examples Apple gave were snapping a quick selfie with a deep press, and viewing a ‘Live Photo’. Sounds like I need to try it!

Both myself and my business are getting ready for the iPhone 6S launch. 5,4,3,2,1! They will be here before you know it!

Take care, Ryan

iPhone 6S is coming, right?

Hello everyone,

I’m as interested in the newest iPhones that are about to come out as the rest of us, and the iPhone 6S appears to be on slate for this fall.

Leaked images (Don’t you just feel the adrenaline when you’re about to learn about a “leaked” image? Makes me feel like an international spy!) of the new iPhone 6S don’t look all that different from what we see everyday now…but the rumors are flying about the new Force Touch: a touch screen that will also be sensitive to pressure.

Leaked images of the new iPhone don't look too different from the current iPhone 6 at first glance, according to photos obtained by 9to5Mac.

Leaked images of the new iPhone don’t look too different from the current iPhone 6 at first glance, according to photos obtained by 9to5Mac.

The form factor will most likely be the same as the iPhone 6…so if you upgrade, you’ll be able to use the same case and accessories when you move to the 6S. However this is all still in the rumor mill and as usual we all need to wait for the real deal.

iPhone 6S: we’ll see you in a couple of months. Will you finally have a sapphire crystal glass front face? Hmm, interesting!

Take care, Ryan