Cracked iPhone 5S screen? Yes, we can repair that!

Hello M:R Nation –

Did I just say “cracked iPhone 5S screen”? Yep, you read that correctly… We actually received requests on the very first day of the iPhone 5S release to repair broken screens. Imagine that,  you go out, sit in line for hours, walk out of the Apple store and drop your brand new iPhone 5S cracking the glass! We heard this story on a numbers occasions this past month and we certainly feel really bad for those individuals.

To help combat this, Mission Repair is launching  these services earlier than we have ever launched an iPhone service before! Starting…well… yesterday, we are offering the iPhone 5S Front Glass Screen Repair (Space Gray) and iPhone 5S Front Glass Screen Repair (Silver and Gold) for a fraction of what it will cost you to buy a new one from Apple for!



Take a look at the above image. There is no longer a reason for you to walk around with your iPhone 5S screen in this shape! Mission Repair will remove your cracked screen, replace it with a brand new iPhone 5S screen and send you on your way!

photo 1


No need for an applause, we will be here all week :-). If you have any questions about this or any of our funky/fresh services, please feel free to call us at 866-638-8402 or email us at!

Cheers, Troy