Deal Of The Week!

Hello M:R Nation –

The snow from yesterday has mostly melted away. It  didn’t stay for long, but certainly did its damage. At this time of year, with this type of weather, we usually see a good amount of damage caused by the snow and the cold in general. From the “I slipped and fell while my iPhone 4Ss was in my pocket” to the “I left my iPhone 4 in my car at -10 degrees” we have seen it all and none of it is very pretty. Especially when it involves a sled, a snowy hill and an empty coat pocket at the bottom.

Snow to the left, snow to the right

Snow to the left, snow to the right

I know talks of a broken Smartphone can ruin ones mood, so I will stop right here, but please, allow me to introduce you to our newest Deal Of The Week! The iPhone 4S is still a staple in the smartphone world. It is still outselling many Samsung, LG, HTC and Motorola models which is impressive for a phone with such age :-). With this knowledge, we found it importunate to offer up the iPhone 4S for a Deal Of The Week once again!

Both the iPhone 4S Glass and Screen Repair (AT&T, Verizon & Sprint) – Black and iPhone 4S Glass and Screen Repair (AT&T, Verizon & Sprint) – White are at set at the low price of $69.00! This is a wallop of savings and we are offering this special deal until next Friday. We are excited to help you out with your smartphone needs and want to make as easy and cost effective as possible for you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to call 866-638-8402 or email

Cheers, Troy