iPhone 4S Glass Replacement!

Hello M:R Nation –

It’s officially Spring and all the area schools are enjoying their Spring Break, so that could only mean one thing in the Kansas City area…SNOW! Yes, you heard me right, we will be receiving 6″-8″ of snow this weekend. You can imagine our excitement (sarcasm)! We are used to this kind of erratic weather, but the 70 degree days we had last week sure don’t make this any easier. Have no fear though, Mission Repair will be open as usual to take care of you and your ailing devices!

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Broken Screen?

So with that bad news, I have decided to create some good news. During this “Spring Snow” event, we will have a nice little discount on the iPhone 4S Glass Replacement! Starting today and lasting through the weekend, I am knocking $20.00 off of the already low priced iPhone 4S Glass Replacement service! So for only $69.00 you will receive the same great Mission Repair service and if you couple that with our free shipping, I dare you to find a better deal;-)

You can start your order by clicking here: iPhone 4S Glass and Screen Repair (AT&T, Verizon & Sprint) – Black or here: iPhone 4S Glass and Screen Repair (AT&T, Verizon & Sprint) – White and as always you can call us at 866-638-8402 or email at sales@missionrepair.com.

Cheers, Troy

iPhone 4 Repair!

Hello M:R Nation –

Did you know that the iPhone 4 is almost 3 years old? Yeah, thats a true statement that I didn’t believe and had to research for myself. It’s mind boggling to think how fast time goes by. It seemed like just yesterday we waited in line at our local Apple store and shared our experience.

Why is this topic even coming up, you ask? Well, the iPhone 4 continues to remain relevant even after almost 1095 days. I think its safe to say that the iPhone 4 is the mother of the modern day smart phone. Which is why it is so timeless. Its technology was beyond it’s years.

People love this phone so much that they coming back to repair them again and again (I’m sure our Got Repair benefit has something to do with it)! But believe it or not, the amount of fist time customers we see needing iPhone 4 repairs is truly amazing.

iPhone 4 busted

There is no reason to not repair this!

It’s not easy to remember what came out last week, let alone 3 years ago, but with the iPhone 4 remaining a prevalent repair service for us at Mission Repair, it will be a long while before we forget about this beauty of a phone!

So, as long as you our customers keep asking for it, we will keep repairing it. With a very wide range of repair capability, there is nothing on the iPhone 4 that we can’t fix for you. Of course, we have the more popular iPhone 4 Front Glass Screen and Phone 4 Back Glass repairs, but the choices go way beyond that.

So, if you find yourself holding onto the timeless piece of technology that is the iPhone 4, feel at peace knowing that Mission Repair will be by your side to pick the pieces up and reassemble it if ever needed!

Cheers, Troy

The Weather Outside Is Frightful!

Hello M:R Nation –

If you are anywhere close to Kansas City, I know you are as cold as I am. We were subject to the massive winter storm that rolled through the midwest. Granted, we only received the tail end of the storm, but it was enough to knock out the power on our street for hours and my iPhone was the only I could navigate through our building.

No Day, Like A Snow Day!

No Day, Like A Snow Day!

Yes, you heard me correctly, HOURS! Now, power did return and things got to flowing like usual here at Mission:Repair. We were able to still meet our goals and it ended up a fairly great day. This doesn’t mean we don’t feel bad about the time that we missed. So to make up for it, I am going to offer a speical coupon for a whopping 15% off! This code will be valid until Sunday and will be for your entire order! Use coupon code: snowday12 for a little extra savings and please forgive our tardiness this morning.

p.s – Reminder: just because you have a car with AWD capabilities, doesn’t mean that the brakes work any better than a normal car… I re-learned that the hard way today.

Cheers, Troy