iPhone 4 Back Case Repairs announced!!

Hello everyone- I’m back in the saddle from a few days out of town (there’s a tiger in the bathroom!) and recovering from the fun in Nevada. . .and from the heat. It was 115 degrees on the Vegas strip last Saturday, yikes! I left my jacket in the hotel room 😉

Hey we are making some magic happen around here at Mission Repair and we just landed our supply of iPhone 4 back cases. You know, the ones that are made out of glass? The same type of glass that makes up the front face of the iPhone? Well, they are cracking too. We announced it yesterday and we have already taken orders for this repair, it’s obviously going to be a good one!


We have them in black and white, but since the white iPhones haven’t been released yet, you’d probably want the black one!

Once more, Mission Repair leading the industry and the market with our full service repairs. Thanks, have a great weekend, I’ll talk to you again soon.