The Weather Outside Is Frightful!

Hello M:R Nation –

If you are anywhere close to Kansas City, I know you are as cold as I am. We were subject to the massive winter storm that rolled through the midwest. Granted, we only received the tail end of the storm, but it was enough to knock out the power on our street for hours and my iPhone was the only I could navigate through our building.

No Day, Like A Snow Day!

No Day, Like A Snow Day!

Yes, you heard me correctly, HOURS! Now, power did return and things got to flowing like usual here at Mission:Repair. We were able to still meet our goals and it ended up a fairly great day. This doesn’t mean we don’t feel bad about the time that we missed. So to make up for it, I am going to offer a speical coupon for a whopping 15% off! This code will be valid until Sunday and will be for your entire order! Use coupon code: snowday12 for a little extra savings and please forgive our tardiness this morning.

p.s – Reminder: just because you have a car with AWD capabilities, doesn’t mean that the brakes work any better than a normal car… I re-learned that the hard way today.

Cheers, Troy

Ok, I cracked my iPhone glass. The solution…

Good morning friends, it was all good until I got out of my truck today, hands full, and I dropped my iPhone 4 which landed on the concrete with a tell-tell “clickety-clack-thud”. I didn’t even see it happen, rather only heard it. I knew exactly what I was in for.

Another iPhone Victim. Thank goodness I'm at Mission Repair!

Here’s the setup. I got in my truck at my house with a cup of coffee, my wallet, my iPad and MacBook Air in hand. It was a full load. I set my coffee in the open cup holder (the other cup holder is full of spare change) and set my phone in my lap (mistake!)

When I got to work, I grabbed my coffee, laptop and iPad. Slid out of the truck and “slam!” I forgot about my phone that was silently sitting in my lap. Yikes! There were a lot of forces working against me here.

1. I typically DO NOT take coffee with me. We’ve got 2 coffee pots at the office!
2. I typically slip my iPhone into that open cup holder.
3. I typically get at least ONE phone call during my 10 minute drive to work. I didn’t today, and it enabled me to “forget” about my phone! That’s a rarity!

I think that this combination of factors caused me to change my procedure and in turn my iPhone paid the price. Well, I own an iPhone repair business and it still made me cringe. I can’t imagine what I’d do if I didn’t know what to do at this point. Call Apple? Visit AT&T? They will both tell you that it’s damaged and out of warranty.

I have the solution. Visit our iPhone 4 glass repair page. It’s the fastest way to get your (my) iPhone back in good health. We’ve got the parts in stock, the Macintosh Certified Technicians on hand, and the expertise to do your repair right. We also have something that no other business offers. After having your repair done with us if you ever accidentally drop and crack that screen again, we’ll repair it again under our “Got Repair” program that costs you nothing up front. ZERO. You’re automatically covered with us in the event you throw off your own morning routine and drop your iPhone like I did!

OK, let me know if you have any questions. I need to get my phone repaired now!