My iPhone 5 Is No Longer Broken…And No Longer Mine!

Hello M:R Nation –

Earlier last week I wrote about my broken iPhone 5 and the dismal state it was in. Luckily, my iPhone 5 was still warranty and I was able to request service from Apple for the issues. I had mentioned in that post that I would talk about my experience and so here I go.

After receiving the box from Apple, I was faced with quite a conundrum… what am I going to use for a phone while I am waiting? Well, I ignored the question until about 4:45pm, because at 5:00pm Fedex would be knocking on the door to pick up all of our daily packages. I was in a panic and did what any respectable man would do in this situation… beg his boss to borrow his old iPhone 3GS for a few days.

Picture Perfect!

Picture Perfect!

With the 3GS in hand, I wrapped up my iPhone 5, packaged it in the provided box and sent it away. All was well, but I had to get creative with my sim card situation. I had a nano sim card. This would not fit in the large sim slot of the iPhone 3GS. I had to take a large sim card, trace the nano sim pattern onto it and cut that section out. From there, I fit in the nano sim and SUCCESS! I was back in the game of digital life.

I have to tell you, I understand that the iPhone 3GS in not that old, but going back to it really made me miss my iPhone 5. It has made me think twice before complaining about the battery life…which I do on a daily basis.

So I pained though the slow processing power and horrible resolution of the iPhone 3GS ( which is only that way because I am used to the 5) for about two days until a package was delivered to me from Apple. What I received was no shock. Apple had completely replaced my phone. It was scratch-less, glowing and beautiful, but just not MY phone. Being in the business that I’m in, I have come to learn that there is a certain sentimental value that personal devices brings and I just experienced it first hand. I remember every drop, every scratch and every picture taken with that phone and I kind of miss it.

Overall, I am happy with my in warranty service experience. It was kind of hard to get it started, but once I was able to order the box, it went off without a hitch. As you can see in the above photo, the iPhone 5 takes perfect pictures and life is good once again! If I ever have an in warranty issue, Apple is the place to take it. If its out of warranty Mission Repair is the only choice :-)!

P.S. The battery life is still horrible on this replacement.

Cheers, Troy

Cracked iPhone? That’s an understatement.

Hi again everyone, I continually talk about this and as you know we fix iPhones. Well, at least I hope you know this by now 😉

As I was perusing our repair center today, I saw this one that really stuck out to me. There are a couple of points that I wanted to share:

Firstly, from the back, this unit looks PRISTINE! I mean truly this is one of the best looking 3GS iPhones I’ve seen come through here. Does this thing really need a repair?

Then when you flip the unit over:

All I can say is “wow”. It can be categorized as “amazingly shattered” or “unbelievably smashed” or “FUBAR” (you’re going to have to look this one up if you don’t know what it means).

iPhone 3GS Screen Repair just $49 installed!

Frankly, to us it’s really just a broken iPhone 3GS and it doesn’t matter whether is “superbly cracked” or just simply needs a new piece of glass, the price and the service are the same for this device. $49 installed. That also includes a 1 year warranty and our amazing GOT REPAIR benefits. We still receive hundreds of iPhone 3GS’s in for repair each month and you can trust Mission Repair to get you back in business.

Have a great night, Ryan

3GS Glass repair only $49. Crazy stuff!

Hello all, we’re at it again! We’ve posted a new Deal of the Day and it’s our amazing lightning fast iPhone 3GS Glass Repair for only $49. That will include brand new parts and labor and we’ll make sure that you’re iPhone 3GS is fixed up right.

Are you wondering about the coupon code needed? Well there isn’t one, just order online and that amazing price will show up automatically!

Additionally, this service at this price comes with our unbeatable GOT REPAIR benefits that means if you ever drop or crack that glass again after we repair it. . .any time. . .or as many times as you might require. . .just call us back and we’ll repair that screen again under our Got Repair program. No other service center in the country offers this amazing deal, it’s the reason the Mission Repair is the intelligent choice.

Take are, Ryan

Price Cut on iPhone 3G S Glass Repair!

Hello friends, we are about to unleash the mother-of-all-repair programs here at Mission Repair. I want to tell you all about it, but we must first make sure that we’ve got all the bases covered, lawyers approvals, and calls to action in place. It’s exciting, cutting edge, and the first of it’s kind. Please stay in touch as we will be launching it this week!

In the mean time, we’ve revisited some of our pricing – we’re consistently buying larger and larger quantities of products which means that our cost on parts consistently goes down on our core services. So today we are happy to announce a price drop on the iPhone 3GS Glass and Digitizer Repair and it’s now only $104! This is a new part, professional labor and 1 year warranty. . .all included in the price.

So, I’m going to get back to work and get this new program on the ball. I’ll be back in a day or two!

Thanks, Ryan

iPhone 3G S Glass / Digitizer Repairs launched!

Hey everyone! I’m excited. . .check out our newest service that launched late last week. You’ll be seeing the press release hit the ‘net any time now. Did you get your new iPhone 3GS from Apple yet? Well, mine is still in the mail I guess!


It’s unfortunate, but we’ve already been repairing the iPhone 3GS glass digitizers. It’s just a fact that they are GLASS and break when you drop them. It’s also unfortunate that when you break the glass, your AppleCare warranty is immediately voided. Rest assured, we’re here to help and make it as painless as possible. We’ve launched our iPhone 3GS glass and digitizer repair at $119 flat rate. Yup, that’s it! This awesome price includes the new part, labor and a 1 year warranty!

Here’s how it works:

Once received, our technicians immediately perform the necessary repair operation and have your iPhone 3G S expedited back to your location anywhere in the USA within 1 business day. All shipments are fully insured for replacement value during transit and all iPhone 3GS Glass Digitizer Screen Repairs come with a 1 year warranty. If your iPhone 3GS is experiencing other issues a Mission Repair technician will call you to advise and report. The customer remains in full control of the repair decisions at all times!

So there you have it, another unbelievable service from your friends at Mission Repair. You heard it here first.

Talk to you soon, Ryan