iPhone 3G Service Announced-$125 installed-

Hello all, we’ve been working hard to secure our reliable source for iPhone 3G parts, and it looks like our hard work has paid off!

We announced our iPhone 3G Digitizer Glass Replacement Service recently, and soon we’ll be able to offer all types of iPhone 3G repairs including water damaged units, WIFI issues or just about anything else that can go wrong with your iPhone!

Check out our service, we’re taking orders like wildfire and  our technicians are madly working on the “backlog” of a waiting list.  Our repeat customers have been waiting for us to announce this service and we’re happy to have it released!  Thanks for your continued support and reading-  I’ll be back soon with some other great news and programs coming soon.  Thanks, Ryan

iPhone 3G Parts Coming very soon!

Hello all,

We here at Mission Repair have been working feverishly on the new iPhone 3G parts. Every day we’re getting request after request for repairs and we are just not ready yet. The market is interesting this time around with the iPhone 3G, and Apple is keep is tight lid on the parts market.

Well, this afternoon, we’ve made HUGE progress and we’re VERY close. We’ve landed a new vendor that promises to give us these parts soon and in the supply that we need. It’s very apparent that the digitizer assemblies will be a huge repair (don’t be fooled and buy one that doesn’t have all of the brackets in place!) and we’ll have headphone jacks, LCD’s, and backplate assemblies coming soon as well.

We’re digging deep and pulling out all the stops, so stay tuned and we’ll be your iPhone G3 Repair Center soon!

Thanks, I need to take a break and grab some nutrition, I’ll be back soon!