Hello M:R Nation –

Today is a special day as far as the Date is concerned. We are looking at the final repetitive date in our life time. For the last 10 years, we have have seen 01-01-01, 02-02-02, 03-03-03 all the way up to today, 12-12-12. Sure, in 100 years time, the 1-12 years will roll around again, but it will never be as special as these last 12 have been.




We will let our grandchildren and great grand children enjoy their 1-12 when that time comes around, but for today, lets celebrate Mission:Repair Style! For this occasion and today only, I have created a special coupon code for…you got it, 12% off! So come on by, save some money and have that broken iPhone repaired! Use coupon code: 121212 

Cheers, Troy

The truth about iPhone 3G Glass and Digitizer Replacement!

Hello everyone, I’m still here at the office watching my techs finish a batch of iPhone 3G Digitizers and Glass replacements and realized that there is a lot of question and controversy out there regarding this particular repair.  We’ve been hearing it from our customers all week.  Our website has been busy taking an astounding number of orders for this repair as it appears that it’s going to be our highest demand iPhone 3G repair.

The dreaded iPhone 3G “cracked glass” issue!

Apparently, you can buy a replacement iPhone 3G Glass panel on eBay for +/- $20.  (somewhere in that range)  Let me tell you now-  this will NOT repair your iPhone 3G!  These are glass panels ONLY and DO NOT come with the digitizer pre-attached.  The digitizer is the second layer that sits just under the glass top.  There is NO WAY to remove your digitizer and reinstall it onto a replacement glass panel.  If you’re looking to do this repair yourself, make sure that you buy the replacement glass panel and digitzer assembly as a unit!

I’ve also heard that you can’t just replace the digitizer/glass assembly, but rather you need the entire front panel including the home button and bracketry.  This is also incorrect.  Frankly, that would make this repair MUCH EASIER to perform, however it’s not necessary and these “complete” assemblies are not available in the market at this time.  Trust us, we know.

The basic procedure is first disassembling the iPhone, removing the entire front panel and then slowly removing the damaged cracked glass and digitizer from the frame.  The cool part about this is that other repair centers are using a utility knife to “pry” the glass out of the bezel which is a huge concern if you care about dings or nicks on your iPhone.

We here at Mission Repair have developed a system of removing the front digitizer without the “prying” technique.  I wish that I could tell you the specifics but for now you’ll just have to trust me that this method is very gentle and successful.  We WILL NOT incur further damage to your iPhone after we receive it.

Well that’s all for now but I just wanted to shed some light on the iPhone 3G “glass” issue.  Be careful if you plan to do this repair yourself; however if you are successful please let me know and send over your resume, we’re always looking for great technicians!  Ha!

See you later, Ryan

iPhone 3G Service Announced-$125 installed-

Hello all, we’ve been working hard to secure our reliable source for iPhone 3G parts, and it looks like our hard work has paid off!

We announced our iPhone 3G Digitizer Glass Replacement Service recently, and soon we’ll be able to offer all types of iPhone 3G repairs including water damaged units, WIFI issues or just about anything else that can go wrong with your iPhone!

Check out our service, we’re taking orders like wildfire and  our technicians are madly working on the “backlog” of a waiting list.  Our repeat customers have been waiting for us to announce this service and we’re happy to have it released!  Thanks for your continued support and reading-  I’ll be back soon with some other great news and programs coming soon.  Thanks, Ryan