Need that rubber gasket replaced on your iPad 2?

Hello folks, good afternoon! We’re kind of excited about a new part that we received last week, but I have yet to talk about it. We now have the ability to replace the “gasket” around the glass screen on the iPad 2. Why is this important?

Well, the gasket (we also call it the bezel) it most likely going to incur some damage when you drop your iPad, and when you send the iPad into repair to us, of course we can replace the glass but you also want to know that we can replace that damage seal between the glass and the back housing. This would be a worth while service for anyone that wants the iPad to look BRAND NEW again. I mean in most cases it’s not absolutely necessary to have the gasket replaced for the unit to function, but heck why have a brand new iPad screen installed and leave the gasket broken, dented, or even missing. . .it’s your choice, but at least you have a choice when it comes to your expensive device!

Like I said, it’s not a mainstream repair, but it’s more proof that we’re doing our best to keep the necessary parts in stock and for those customers that are picky about their device. We can restore them back to factory specs! It’s the Mission Repair way, and it’s the Intelligent Choice.

Take care, Ryan