Have that family iPad repaired in time for Christmas.

Hi there everyone, Santa may be filling his sleigh with amazing presents for you, but maybe there’s something that Santa can’t deliver – but Mission Repair can!


Every year we have thousands of customers send in their devices for repair each December, and a lot of them are scrambling to get their devices repaired as Christmas presents! That’s right, this is a present that you can’t get in stores, and you can’t get from Santa (he doesn’t have any elves that repair electronics!) but you can get from Mission Repair.

iPad repairs are a huge selling service here at Mission Repair and we have parts in stock and incredible prices- and one thing that we do have in common with Santa is that we offer FREE SHIPPING. We won’t bring it to you in a sleigh, it’ll arrive via FedEx, but nevertheless it’ll be delivered back to you FREE! If you get your orders in now, there’s plenty of time to get it back before the Christmas holiday so don’t delay!

Happy Holidays, Ryan

Well, I spoke too soon yesterday. COUPON INSIDE!

Hello again everyone, it was a stressful night last night.

Actually, I had just posted a thank you blog and was excited about the fact that we were going to hit a record number of orders yesterday when all of the sudden our servers went down and our website and database were off line. I grabbed this image to illustrate how I spent my time:

Actually we had a 6 hour blackout. Or hosting site had a power outage, their backup generators failed, and the entire floor of servers went completely black – for about 6 hours.

So as a business owner that relies on the internet (and power) for success, I was crumbling by the second. Luckily it was at the end of the day – albeit a busy time of the day for our internet sales to develop – and most certainly the time of the day that we would have hit our record order count. With the site being down it made it impossible for you, our customers to place any orders yesterday evening. I am so sorry!!

With all of this technology, we are still reliant on simple things (like electricity!) to make it all work. I thought we were safe – by having backup power – but it seems like we need “backup backup power” just in case.

For any inconvenience that this may have caused, I’m running a 15% off coupon now through Sunday night 7/15/12. Just enter “ISP” as your coupon code and watch that 15% disappear for any service on the Mission Repair website.

Thanks for your patience, talk to you soon, Ryan