Flappy Bird Frustration!

Hello M:R Nation –

I have succumbed to the newest trend in smartphone gaming… FLAPPY BIRD! I have to force myself to put this game down so I can spend time with my family and actually do my job. I find my hand drifting towards my iPhone on an hourly basis to play a quick game to two, but I end up playing about 10 tries!

This game is the most addictive, frustrating and entertaining game I have ever played and on may occasions, I have wanted to trow my phone! The problem here, is that I am not alone.

Today we had a customer bring in theirĀ iPhone 5S, laid it down on our counter and uttered two painful words… “Flappy bird”. Without hesitation, we started his repair and he left a happy camper no less than 20 minutes later. We even offered to the delete the app for him but declined with a grin šŸ™‚


My High Score!

This customer, plus my own frustrations really got me thinking… “How many people have just tossed their device in anger after playing Flappy Bird”? While I am sure there is no real way to come up with a data on this, I can only assume that its more than the gent that came into our lobby this afternoon.

So I ask this to all of our loyal readers: Have you physically harmed your device, because of this wonderfully awful game? If so, I want you to know that Mission Repair is here for you! I guess you could call us the first official Flappy bird support group. So if you just recent tossed your iPad Mini like a paper airplane, or stomped a hole in you Samsung GS3, Ā we will not only give you a shoulder to cry on, but we will fix your broken device while you sulk. The only thing we won’t be able to help you with, is your Flappy Bird addiction, we can barely put the game down ourselves!

Cheers, Troy

Happy Post Christmas And End Of The World!

Hello M:R Nation –

I am sitting in my office with a sense of accomplishment. Not only did I make it through the end of the world without a scratch, we also had a very successful Christmas at the Harris residence! Chalk full of Ninja Turtle and Toy Story toys, accompanied by a good amount infant girl gadgets, I would say my children had a great time. It also happened to be the first Christmas for my Daughter Kynlee, and I think she found her new favorite day šŸ™‚

So now that we are all safe and have made it through the majority of the Holidays, lets talk about something that is surely to lighten or darken the mood, depending on what topic above you chose to focus on…Samsung Galaxy S III repairs. This repair is hands down the fastest growing repair we are seeing. Why is that? Because theĀ Samsung Galaxy S III is the top selling Smartphone on the market today.



With millions of folks receiving the Samsung GS3 as gifts this Holiday Season, it’s no surprise that a lot of you are looking at the above picture with a grave understanding of what she is going through. No amount of Gorilla Glass can stop the unfortunate inevitability of a broken screen. Inevitable you say? Yes, If I myself can manage to crack the glass on my iPhone 4S, If my son can manage to damage the glass on his iPad 2 and if my brother-in-law can manage to crack his brand new iPad Mini almost freshly out of the box, than yes, cracking a screen on one of your many devices isĀ inevitable.

So what is one to do when they have a freshly receivedĀ Samsung Galaxy S III that happens to slip out of their hands and crack? Ā I doubt you want to live with it like that.Ā Ā You most likely don’t want to shell the cash to buy a brand new one, trading it in for a fee is not much better and you just got it set up the way you like it! Your apps are downloaded, your home screen is perfect and your contacts are loaded and ready to go. It seems your best option would be our awesome screen repair service for theĀ Samsung Galaxy S III!

With your choice ofĀ Samsung Galaxy S III (blue) Glass and LCD Screen RepairĀ orĀ Samsung Galaxy S III (white) Glass and LCD Screen Repair, we will have your device repaired and will not touch the settings, contacts or applications. It will be as it was, right between the opening it up for the first time and dropping it.

I hope everyone has enjoyed their time off if you were lucky enough to receive it and for those of you that continued to work hard through the Holidays, I admire the drive and determination to get the job done!

Cheers, Troy

iPad Mini Has Arrived!

Hello Again M:R Nation –

Well, the big day has arrived! My new iPad Mini has been delivered and I gotta tell ya, I’m in love! It fits my hand perfectly. The HD face time camera is about 1,000,000 times better than any iOS device that I have owned and the screen is out of this world!

With the size of the iPad Mini, I think I could use it just about anywhere. I envision myself using it around the office quite often, I know I will use it at home (namely as an alarm clock) and it will be perfect to take on trips and not have to lug around that bulky 11″ Macbook Air šŸ™‚

iPad Mini Arrives!

So take it from a seasoned vet (when it comes to owing Apple products) you want to own this. If you are more of a kindle person, I can understand that, but you should just download the kindle app and go with the iPad Mini šŸ™‚

I will use this over the weekend and give you a small update on how the first 72 hours went with it. Hopefully the next 70 are as good as the last 2!

Cheers, Troy

iPad Mini… It’s Like An iPad, But Smaller!

Hey M:R Nation –

I am patiently waiting to receive my iPad Mini that I ordered on Friday and I an getting super excited. From the reviews that I’ve been reading, this looks like a home run of a device. Yes, I do have a regular sized iPad, but I can’t pry it out of my 3 year olds hand, so I have decided to give up fighting for “His” iPad as he calls and get the Mini for myself.

These SMART Covers are missing something…oh yes, iPads!

As you can see in the image above, Apple sure got me when I received the Smart Cover 3 days before my actual iPad Mini. Thanks for the early April fools joke…I really appreciate it !

I know these covers are not going to give much (if any) protection, but they are so cool and if something happens to the little guy, I know where to take him šŸ™‚

I know it might be too soon to talk about iPad Mini Repair, but how about a shameless plug for our iPad Mini service? Ok, here ya go—> iPad Mini ServiceĀ Repairs! Mission:Repair is your go to service center for the new iPad Mini and your countless other devices!

Cheers, Troy