iPad Mini 3 – are the screens “fused” like the iPhones?

Hello fans of electronics,

We get this question ALL THE TIME…and it can be confusing. There’s a long line of Apple devices that the screens are pre-built at the factory in a clean room environment which makes separating the glass from the LCD difficult. That’s why we replace the glass/digitizer/lcd together in one entire assembly to ensure that our customers get a factory repair for those particular devices (Most iPhones are like this!)

iPads are an entirely different story. Every iPad to date has a separate and individually replaceable glass and LCD…except for the iPad Air 2. That’s one caveat that I sometimes forget but I think that I’ve got it committed to memory at this point. Here’s an iPad Mini 3 that Derrick is finishing up for a customer that walked into our Lakewood location this afternoon:


This picture is a little difficult to tell, but the glass is going on OVER the LCD, which is separate. And in most cases, the outer glass is what usually breaks when one of these devices is dropped; and since it’s separate it saves each of our customers big bucks when choosing Mission Repair for service.

So there are a few tidbits that might make you more educated when talking about iPads…or maybe you don’t care in which case you now have a little more useless knowledge for your next trivia night ūüėČ

Have a good weekend, Ryan

iPad Mini 3 screen repairs- now at Mission Repair!

Hello friends, it’s time to announce a new service that we officially launched in March;

iPad Mini 3 Glass and Screen Repairs!

It’s starting to get a little confusing with all of these models, and you might even point out that the iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2 and the iPad Mini 3 all have the same from glass panel. THIS IS NOT TRUE!


The iPad Mini 3 has a different size home button opening in the glass, so you CANNOT interchange these parts between the generations. Just letting those technicians out there in the DIY community know.

These units do not have a fused glass, digitizer and LCD assembly, so if you break one, you don’t have to replace the other. This is unlike some of the other iPad models (like the iPad Air 2) that we can’t simply replace the ‚Äúglass only‚ÄĚ. This is good news for it’s “repairability” and longevity.

The more I blog about these new iPads, the more I personally want one. I’m getting close to pulling the trigger; do I want and iPad Air, or iPad Mini, or just to simply upgrade my MacBook Air which I’m typing on now and have been using for several years? I know that Apple wants me to get one of each ūüėČ

Thanks for reading friends, I’ll be back soon with more Mission Repair info.


iPad Mini 3 repairs, now available at Mission Repair!

Hello everyone,

It’s about time, right? The long awaited and highly requested iPad Mini 3 repair lineup of services at Mission Repair.

We’ve added iPad Mini 3 glass screen repairs, LCD repairs, home button services and the like and we are proud to bring you the next generation of iPad Mini services to compliment the ongoing service line that Mission Repair is known for.

866-638-8402. Give us a call!

TGIF, Ryan

Weekend Plans?

Hello M:R Nation –

You know it’s Friday when you hear that¬†question! ¬†Yes, Friday. ¬†A day to think back on all of the weeks accomplishments and to look forward to all the fun activities/ hours of relaxation. Since the weekend is only about 2 hours away for some of you lucky folks, I wanted to post a quick blog, reminding everyone of the awesome coupon code that we are currently offering and to review our weekend hours.


If you are out and about, or browsing the interwebs¬†this weekend and find yourself in need of a¬†Tablet,¬†Smartphone¬†or¬†Laptop¬†repair +¬†enjoy saving money, you‚Äôll find this treat to be super sweet! ¬†We’re¬†giving a 14% off coupon to everyone (even those not graduating) that began yesterday and lasts through May 31, 2014. 14% off in honor of the class of 2014!! This is a great opportunity for some real savings and what better time to take advantage this weekend!¬†

We will be opening at 10am on both Saturday and Sunday and remain open until 5pm! This should give you ample opportunity to visit one of our locations to call us up to get your order started! If you do decide to visit us at our Olathe location, please be aware of the pesky road work and consider the alternative route:


Cheers, Troy

What Did You Just Call Me?

Hello M:R Nation –

There is a lot to benefit from when you choose Mission Repair as your repair center. Like our industry leading warranties, one of a kind “Got Repair”¬†benefit, excellent turn around times, quality workmanship and unbeatable prices. While those¬†are just a few ¬†trivial reason that we are THE¬†repair center¬†to take care of your precious device, today we are giving¬†you a real reason to come visit us at our Olathe location…

photo 1

We will also be handing out referral cards to our favorite area dentist…

Thats right, 33 pounds of Dum-Dums! This epic edition to the Mission Repair benefits has just put us over the top as your favorite repair center, hasn’t it? I guess for 2015, they¬†will have to add this key feature to our Top 10 review!

So when you come into our Olathe location, please make sure to grab yourself a Dum-Dum while having your iPhone 5, Macbook Air or iPad Mini repaired! Oh, and please don’t come into my office and try to pick me up and leave with me. I know i’m a Dum-Dum, but that joke is already getting old and I have work to do ūüôā

Cheers, Troy