Does the iPad use Gorilla Glass?

Well according to Alexander Miles, a senior double-majoring in Materials Science and Engineering and Optical Science and Engineering of the University of Arizona. . .the iPad does use Gorilla Glass for it’s glass panel!

The fact of the matter is that the iPad 2 glass panel is just 0.62mm thick compared to the 0.85mm thick original iPad Glass. And the iPad 2 is using aluminosilicate glass which is touted as “highly damage-resistant and protects the world’s coolest gadgets from everyday wear and tear.”

Gorilla Glass is made by Corning – and Gorilla Glass is aluminosilicate glass. Corning, you know the glass experts that have been making household items for us for decades? It just seems like a great fit for electronics manufacturers to go to the experts in glass to make their devices look great and be as durable as possible.

Corning has come out with “Gorilla Glass 2” which is as tough and scratch resistant as ever to withstand the unexpected abuses of everyday life. It’s thinner, enabling sleeker devices, brighter images, and great touch sensitivity.

It makes you wonder why Apple doesn’t just tout the use of “Gorilla Glass” in their devices? If you visit the Corning website, there’s a long list of Manufacturers that advertise and state that they use the amazing Gorilla Glass – but there’s also another disclaimer:

So I wonder who is on this list of “hidden” customers? We all know that the brainpower at Apple, Inc. has their reasons for being secretive and wanting to protect their brand – but heck what’s the harm in touting that you use the best glass in the business?

But let’s take it a step further. . .the best glass in the business isn’t stopping breakage and cracks from happening on the iPad. Take a look around the internet and you might find a “less than scientific” drop test of someone that’s willing to just smash a device. Or give us a call at 866-638-8402 and we can discuss the condition of the units we get in for glass replacements. We are receiving an unprecedented amount of iPads in for repair – and I don’t care if you have Gorilla Glass or not – GLASS is GLASS.

There’s one universal problem with glass. It breaks easily.

Remember that even Corning doesn’t make any claims that these glass panels are tough against drops – they merely state “highly damage-resistant and *Gorilla Glass* protects the world’s coolest gadgets from everyday wear and tear.” Wear and tear is not dropping an iPad on a moving treadmill!

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Take care, Ryan