The New iPad is here!

The new iPad is here, and when I mean “here” I mean right here in my office! 😉

Here it is directly out of it’s box and ready for some websurfing! Immediately I could tell that it was a little “thicker” than the iPad 2, and it feels a little heavier. . .

Here it is booting up, I can tell the this new screen is much clearer and cleaner and it’s not even done booting! I’m excited about the screen!

Finally after the initial setup and configuration, the The iPad is online, and it’s reporting 4G speeds!

We’ll be back with a test to see how fast it really stacks up to an iPad 2, but for now this new device looks amazing. OK, now back to work, enough play time.

We’ve had customers asking whether or not we’ll be working on the New iPad. . .and I’m happy to tell you that we’ve got our new pages up and rolling and we’ll be offering a full line of New iPad Repair Services very soon!

Stay tuned and take care, Ryan