iPad 2 Headphone jack repairs – ready and rolling!

Hello again friends! I just wanted to give you one more quick update about our site today, and that we are now taking orders for iPad 2 Headphone Jack Repairs. Well, we’re not really repairing the headphone jack, we’re replacing it, but it WILL repair your iPad 2!

This is where Mission Repair saves the day. We are built around customer service and keeping our prices low is a priority. Just take a look at our website to view the extensive line of services available for those customers that want a viable option for fast, professional service!

We’ve replaced a lot of headphone jacks on the original iPad already. The issue is that if something gets stuck in there. . .dirt, metal, or otherwise, it’s not a repair that is covered by your Apple warranty. You’ll have to pay Apple full repair price, or visit us and we’ll handle the repair for a legitimate price and will repair other symptoms such as sounds out of one headphone, or scratchy sound!

We’ve launched the iPad 2 Headphone Jack Replacement at just $89 installed. This will get you a BRAND NEW headphone jack and your audio back. I know, it’s a “must have”.

Take care, Ryan