Cyber Monday Recap and Incase Specials!

That was a monster of a Cyber Monday. Our telephone system needs a tune up after that one. Every time I looked down, all (and I mean ALL) of our phone lines were lit up with customers calling in and placing orders. We broke some “all time” records yesterday, thanks to everyone that participated in our Cyber Monday extravaganza. Also, thanks to everyone that tried to call in and got a busy signal. . .we really appreciate your patience. . .and we are back under control this morning 😉

I’ve posted up a FREE SHIPPING Incase Special for the month of December. If you need a new case for your iPhone or MacBook, we’ve got the best protection for you in stock! No coupon necessary, just place your order and we’ll send it out to you FedEx at no charge. You can see the details of the shipping when you add your Incase to your shopping cart!

I’m going to take a break from my desk here at Mission Repair and run out to my shipping department to give those guys some help. We are committed to getting our packages out on time, so it looks like I’m going to need to volunteer for a little bit. Don’t worry, it’s a good thing!

Talk to you again soon, and thanks for stopping by.