It’s not a magic trick, it’s the Samsung Illusion glass repair. Magically.

Hello all-

Don’t laugh at me – but I like magic. It’s true. I have a few tricks that I save at the house for when the nieces come over, and I like showing them some “illusions” when I can. It makes them feel like their uncle is truly “magical”. I’ll take it 😉

Well, what we do at Mission Repair is not magic. There’s no “string attached to a rubber band that flips the coin” etc. In fact, all of our services and repairs are based in reality! No illusions here except for our next service release on the Samsung Illusion. Screen repairs are just $89 installed for a BRAND NEW SCREEN and LABOR!


OK, don’t stare at that picture for too long- it almost sent me into shock. A little “tweaky” on the eyes!

So if you know anyone that has an issue with their Samsung Illusion Smartphone – you can send them our way. We can take care of business, without a magic wand.

Thanks friends, take care, Ryan