New Service: Huawei U7519 (T-Mobile Tap) Front Glass Screen Repair

Hey M:R Nation –

I am taking a little break from the iPhone 5 and instead, coming to you with yet another Huawei service! I would like to introduce you to the Huawei U7519/ T-Mobile Tap. This little guy is about 2 years old and is in a lot of hands. This phone has received  3.5 stars from CNET which is not too bad. It houses an FM radio, GPS, camera and a 2.8-inch display.


This phone has been a great starter phone for many people and we are finding that they just can’t let it go. We certainly wanted to make it possible for you to hold on to this phone for a long time, and this is our solution –      Huawei U7519 (T-Mobile Tap) Front Glass Screen Repair service. Get your order started today. We will get you fixed up and talking again in no time!


Cheers, Troy!