New Service: Huawei M886 Mercury Front Glass Screen Repair

Hello Again M:R Nation –

Okay, so I am finally done with all of my emails and I now have a little time to introduce the next Huawei Smart Phone that we service. Please say hello to the Huawei M886 Mercury! This phone is one of Hauwei’s top of the line smartphones. It is in the upper echelon of the Smartphone community and has some very nice features compared to what we have seen so far from Hauwei. This beauty sports a 4″ screen, 8mp camera, 1.4 GHz Scorpion CPU and runs Android OS, v2.3.3 (Gingerbread). This phone is a screamer and only available through Cricket wireless.



We are offering the front glass repair service and a diagnosis service on this phone and couldn’t be happier to do so. If you find yourself in need for a repair on this or any other Huawei phone, we are your go to repair center!

Cheers, Troy!

New Service: Huawei M865 Ascend II Front Glass Screen Repair

Good Morning M:R Nation –

Today, we are going to meet the Huawei M865 Ascend II! It is the younger and more capable brother of the Huawei M860 Ascend that we met yesterday. The M865 Ascend II is only available through Cricket wireless and sports some welcome upgrades from the first ascend.  Huawei has decided to do away with the secondary navigation feature and has gone strictly touch capability on this one. 

With an upgraded processor, a vastly superior camera and added GPS capability, this is certainly a step up from its brother as far as smartphones go. But this is just as breakable, unfortunately. All of the added frills has not made it more durable, just cooler :-). Fortunately, for you Huawei M865 Ascend II owners, you have an ally here in Mission Repair! Shoot us an email at, call us at 866-638-8402 or go online to to get your repair started today!

Cheers, Troy!

Huawei Smartphone Repairs annouced. Pardon me?

Hi there everyone, as we patiently wait for the iPhone 5 release today, we are trying to stay busy at the Mission Repair service center. We’ve added an entirely new product line and we are beginning services on the Huawei line of smartphones today. Does it coincide with today’s release of the iPhone 5? Yes it does. Are they related. No they aren’t! 😉

First thing’s first. How to you pronounce it? I’ve heard “Who-a-way” and “Hawaii”. Those are close.

Unfortunately trying to pronounce it phonetically…in the English language…is a tough thing to do. I found this YouTube video speaking on just this exact topic:

Frankly, I don’t really care how it’s pronounced – so I focused our business on repairing these amazing little phones so that our customers continue to have a reasonable outlet for service! We have the parts in stock and we can have many of the most popular Huawei phones glass replaced within 24 hours and back in your hands. That’s the real meaning of this program: it’s speed, efficiency and availability. And you can get all of that at Mission Repair.

Check out out newest line of services the the Huawei phones on our website or give us a call if you have any questions about them! 866-638-8402.

Take care, Ryan