WILDFIRE! HTC Wildfire S Parts now available at Mission Repair!

Hello all, as you know we repair and service TONS of devices. All kinds of cell phones, iPods, tablets and laptops. Did you know that we’re the best MacBook repair center in the country?

I think we are!

Well we also sell parts for those at home “technicians” that like to tinker and make their own repairs – and typically when they do they save a bundle of cash!

Like to perform your own repairs? DIY!

Since we’re announcing so many new services lately, I wanted to remind everyone that we also sell cell phone repair parts outright with same-day shipping. As of today, we’ve got HTC Wildfire S parts in stock. . .such as the Wildfire S Front Glass, and the Wildfire S LCD Screen that are ready to ship today.

Remember that if you don’t want to perform the repair yourself we’ll be happy to do it for you within 24 hours after we receive it. HTC Wildfire S Screen Repairs (Full service) here now!

Talk to you soon, Ryan

Plog bost.

Hello all- it’s that time of year. Tax season. You’d better get those babies done cause you only a couple months to go! It’s a hassle, but you can’t avoid it right? Please, those that are avoiding taxes need not respond, I don’t want to know 😉

So in anticipation, I’m lowering a few prices on the website. It’s my stimulus plan for those in need and want a high quality electronics repair at a great price. Remember we also offer do-it-yourself repair kits and with the help of a technician over the phone you might just be able to get your trusty iPod or iPhone working on your own!

That’s why Mission Repair is here, and this simple plog bost (um, I mean blog post) is just a reminder that we LOVE to keep your expensive electronics running. It’s a much better deal than buying something new every time you have a hiccup with a device.

iPhone repairs and Cell phone repairs at Mission Repair. And if you live outside of the State of Kansas, we don’t charge sales tax. Hows that for savings? Mission Repair cutting your 2011 tax bill!

Thanks, Ryan



You heard it here first. I was sitting at lunch the other day when it hit me. Yes, Mission Repair has an excellent reputation. Yes, we offer first-class professional iPhone and MacBook Repairs. Yes, we offer 24 hour turnaround and remarkable shipping rates. But EVERYONE is doing all this now, so how does a company continue to set the standard in the electronics repair service market? It hit me like a ton of bricks…we’re just going to set a NEW STANDARD FOR SERVICE.

http://www.gotrepair.com - CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS!

What is it exactly that we will be doing differently? Everything. We’re mixing it up and shaking the entire foundation of this market with our new service. This is the reason that Mission Repair has it’s excellent reputation and customer satisfaction. We set the bar high and our “GOTREPAIR” launch on 3/1/11 is going to reinvent the service world. Just watch and see.

Sorry I can’t give you more now, but March 1st will be here soon. We will have the back-end finalized, running and solid. We’re going to need it for such a huge expansion. We’ll shake the pillars of the very market we helped develop. Hang on tight!

Thanks, Ryan

Hot off the presses: HTC Desire Cell Phone Screen Repairs!

We’ve once again launched a new line of smartphone repairs and we service the entire United States from our central, Kansas City based repair center. Mission Repair in Kansas City is now offering HTC Desire LCD and/or glass digitizer replacements at extremely competitive pricing and 24 hour turnaround. This combination is the best in the business. We continue to offer flat rate pricing with no hidden fees! See links below for details, we are taking orders now!

HTC Desire Glass and Digitizer Repairs.

HTC Desire LCD Screen Repairs.

We’re installing BRAND NEW parts and offering a 1 year warranty on all HTC screen services. Don’t get lulled into a cheaper price on this repair and make sure to calculate your shipping costs to get a final total. Mission Repair offers the cheapest shipping costs in the industry using FedEx, the best shipper in the industry.

In addition to our outstanding track record with the Better Business Bureau (we tout an “A” rating and are fully accredited with the Kansas City BBB) and success with over 10,000 Mac repairs in the last year alone, we remain a top contender and stand out amongst the competition.

Customers coast-to-coast utilize our exclusive 3-way shipping kit picked up and delivered by FedEx as an option for shipping, or customers may send their phone directly to Mission Repair using the courier of their choice.

Any questions? Give us a call at 1-866-638-8402!

Best, Ryan