HTC Droid Inspire Repairs at new lower prices!

Hello folks, I’m in the saddle here at the Mission Repair Base and we’re having a great week. Confidence is high as we make our way through the stacks of projects I’ve gotten us into 😉

I’ll be getting back to my project list shortly, because there is a ton of great news that comes along with these items. . .

Let’s jump into today’s special deal – we’ve received a new lower price on our HTC parts and we’re passing the saving on to you!

We lowered our HTC Droid Inspire Glass Repair to just $99 installed. This is a 20% savings from the manufacturer’s repair price and we’ll do it in 24 hours – which is MUCH better than the manufacturer turnaround. Additionally, we will automatically include your device in our GOT REPAIR program which means that if you ever break it again just give us a call. We’ll repair it again under our GOT REPAIR program benefits. It’s simply amazing!

HTC Inspire Screens in stock!

We are also now selling the LCD repair for the Inspire as well. The cell phone line of repairs is really expanding at Mission Repair but if you don’t see a phone on our list that you need repaired, just let us know and we’ll add it!

Have a good Thursday, Ryan

Ok, so I haven’t posted a coupon code in a while.

I just got off the phone with a customer that has been watching the blog and finally pulled the trigger to send in a repair – all the while she was waiting for a coupon code to appear in the blog.

Listen, I never want to delay repairing your items! Thanks for the loyalty, I appreciate you waiting, but let’s issue a coupon code today.

If you’ve been waiting to have your iPod Repaired by the experts, wait no further. Maybe you’ve cracked your iPhone screen, or your MacBook has a shattered glass – we have technicians on hand, parts in stock, and the best warranties in the business. Well, you already know all that, you just want a discount!

USE COUPON CODE “BLOGGER” TO RECEIVE A 20% DISCOUNT ON ANY PART OR REPAIR SERVICE WE OFFER. This coupon will expire on Saturday, 9/24/11 at Midnight so get your order in today!

Have a good afternoon, Ryan

HTC Wildfire Screen Repair announced!

Good morning again!

We have launched our HTC Wildfire S Screen Repairs– you know if you crack that screen the manufacturer doesn’t offer a viable repair solution – and your phone will be deemed OUT OF WARRANTY by the carrier. Ouch!

So we can repair that screen, repair it fast and we’ll repair YOUR unit. . .this way you can keep your contacts and information in tact (some carriers just swap your phone with a used or refurbished unit). Additionally we’ll offer an amazing warranty with that repair.

In fact, if you ever break that screen again we’ll repair it again under our Got Repair benefits that come automatically with our screen services. It’s an amazing piece of mind that you only get from Mission Repair. It’s the Intelligent Choice!

We’ve arrived! The HTC Arrive Phone Repairs now available at Mission Repair!

Hello this fine fine morning! Well it’s been hot and muggy here in Kansas City that’s for sure for the last few days. I better plan a weekend trip to the lake soon. . .well at least an afternoon at the lake sounds like a good idea 😉

Well, we’ve arrived – and as I said a blog or two ago we’re launching a ton of new services and selling a ton of new parts this week. This morning I’m announcing our new HTC Arrive Screen Repair solution available at Mission Repair.

Pop it up and presto with the HTC Arrive. . .
Surf the Web, view pictures, play games, and immerse yourself in apps with a brilliant 3.6-inch touch screen. The screen tilts up for even better viewing when you slide out the soft-touch keyboard. Visit the HTC Hub for fun and handy apps to take notes, touch up your vacation pictures, follow your stocks, see the weather in 3-D, and more.

Never miss a moment with the HTC Arrive. . .
Fire up the 5 MP camera without even unlocking your phone. View photos on your phone right next to those from Facebook,® Windows Live,® Flickr,® and other cloud-based services in the Pictures Hub.

This phone was recently reviewed by Engadget this year here.

We’re happy to report that we can now repair these phones, specifically damaged screens and we’re also including our “GOT REPAIR” benefits with each screen repair. This means that if you ever break your screen after our repair we will fix it again under our “GOT REPAIR” benefit program. It’s the Intelligent Choice.

I’ll be back with more info on more new services soon!

Best, Ryan

HTC HD7 Repair = Success!

Good afternoon folks, we’ve just launched a brand new service for the HTC line of cell phones, the HTC HD7 Screen Repair. This new HTC Smartphone boasts Windows 7 operating system and it seamlessly brings together work, play and family. It features the largest screen on a Windows phone, and it can break very easily!

Here’s a unit that we received broken:

And here it is after the repair fully functional and ready to ship after our QA process:

Once again, I love adding new products and services to our website – it’s the Mission Repair way and we’ve really thickened our line of Smartphone services lately. Need to know more? Give us a call at 866-638-8402 to talk to a friendly service representative!

Thanks, Ryan