New Service: HTC Amaze 4G Front Glass Screen Repair

Happy Friday M:R Nation – I have to admit, it feels more like a Tuesday today. Thats what happens when a Holiday lands smack dab in the middle of the week. In any case, we have a new service to talk about today. Introducing the HTC Amaze 4G Front Glass Screen Repair! We are also offering a HTC Amaze Free Diagnostic Service as well. This awesome phone is known for its camera and its different camera functions. Look at what you get:

  • SmartShot™ – takes 5 photos and compiles the best parts to create one perfect shot.
  • BurstShot™ – capture 5 consecutive shots with just one click, so you never miss the action.
  • SweepShot™ panorama – take ultrawide shots then sweep in any direction.
  • ClearShot™ HDR – see crystal clear detail even when shooting in mixed or direct light.
  • Perfect Pics™ – analyzes & scores your photos then groups the best ones for easy sharing!

If I wasn’t married to my iPhone, I think I’d consider owning one of these. But don’t quote me on that 🙂 As always, we are fully stocked and ready to service these bad boys today. Have a safe weekend everyone! Cheers, Troy

Now Servicing: HTC Vivid (White)

Hello M:R Nation,

In April, we announced that we could repair the HTC Vivid and it was a big hit. However, we were unable to obtain the white screen for this device which kind of irked us at the time. This is a distant memory as of today. Staring this very second, we are now offering the Glass/Digitizer replacement service for the White HTC Vivid.

We have plenty in stock and we will get you back to normal in no time. Please give us a call at 866-638-8402 or visit us online at to get your order started today!

Cheers, Troy

HTC HD7 Repair = Success!

Good afternoon folks, we’ve just launched a brand new service for the HTC line of cell phones, the HTC HD7 Screen Repair. This new HTC Smartphone boasts Windows 7 operating system and it seamlessly brings together work, play and family. It features the largest screen on a Windows phone, and it can break very easily!

Here’s a unit that we received broken:

And here it is after the repair fully functional and ready to ship after our QA process:

Once again, I love adding new products and services to our website – it’s the Mission Repair way and we’ve really thickened our line of Smartphone services lately. Need to know more? Give us a call at 866-638-8402 to talk to a friendly service representative!

Thanks, Ryan