Deal Of The Month (January)!

Hello M:R Nation –

We kind of snuck the January “Deal Of The Month” in on everyone via our January Newsletter this month. So if you are not a subscriber of our awesome newsletter, you might have no clue as to what great deal we are giving out this month!

This month we celebrate and oldie, but a goodie with the HTC EVO Glass Touch Screen Repair service! We have had the pleasure of offering this repair service from the very date that this awesome smartphone hit the market. Over the years we have serviced thousands of HTC Evo’s and we are glad to say that to this day, may folks continue to want to keep these devices up and running!



This is the reason for this months deal! We see such a desire to keep older devices chugging away, that we found it fitting to to highlight the grandfather of all HTC smartphones! If you remember correctly, the HTC Evo came out in 2010 and was the prime competitor for the iPhone 4. It has many features that are actually till this day, pretty impressive, which is one of the many reasons that folks still cherish this phone.

If you find yourself with cracked screen on you HTC EVO, this is a great time to take advantage of our wonderful deal! To get your order started, click here: HTC EVO Glass Touch Screen Repair and let Mission Repair take care of the rest!

Cheers, Troy

Evo Shift 4G Glass Repair = Success!

Hello all, I blogged about the upcoming HTC Evo Shift 4G repair services that were announced at Mission Repair recently. I just wanted to follow up with a couple of pictures and a before/after of our repair service. Specifically the HTC EVO Shift Screen repair, now confirmed and fully serviceable at Mission Repair!

The Evo Shift 4G as we received it!

We can repair these screens the SAME DAY that we receive them! Mission Repair is in the business of helping people out.

The Evo Shift 4G after my technicians got a hold of it!

This is nothing new for us here at the Mission Repair base- want to know what’s really cool about this repair service? It includes our GOT REPAIR benefits and this means that if you ever break your glass panel again, we’ll repair it again under the benefit. It’s what separates us from the rest of the market. HTC Evo Shift repairs at Mission Repair. . .why look any further?

Thanks, Ryan