Want to know the secrets behind Mission Repair? Read the book!

Well hello friends,

It is somewhat of a relief and I’m excited to say that my book that I started last year is finally in print! I received the very first copy in the mail and it looks fantastic (if I do say so for myself) 😉

I’m trying not to brag too much, please understand that this has been a work of passion of uncounted long nights and weekends of typing. Since this is my first book, and my first publish piece of work, it’s been both exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. There’s a certain level of pressure inherent when working with a publisher…and it’s finally done!


My editor emailed me yesterday to say that the book is in production and should hit the shelves and on Amazon within a month. You can preorder a copy of it here!

I want to warn you…it’s not a “get rich quick” book. I’m neither rich, nor was my journey at Mission Repair quick 😉 It will however give you some insight on how to start a Computer Repair business and gives many accounts and personal experiences along the way. I talk about startup costs, how to work from home, how to make the move into a commercial space and how to hire employees.

Not only that, it will give you ideas on how to make your website successful if you’re running an online business.

Shortly, we will sell copies in our showroom and if you should have any questions about me, the book, or the contents of the book, just give me a call at Mission Repair! 866-638-8402. Or simply listen to the radio in the next month; I already have 6 interviews to promote the book on radio station all over the country. It’s an exciting time!

OK, I can now start to enjoy my weekends again. I’ve already been asked to write another book…but I think I’ll take a couple of months off for now. I need to give my keyboard a rest!

Take care everyone, thanks for joining me today.