Let’s break bread amongst friends.

Hi folks, it smelled great at the Arter house last night; I made a new bread recipe (this one is sourdough) and it was so good that I basically had bread for dinner last night.


A little spreadable butter on hot fresh bread just about can’t be beat!

So I’m going to confess that I grind my own flour in my basement. Some people think that’s a bit odd – and it may be – but I find a sense of satisfaction when take whole wheat kernels and turn them into something delicious with a little time and patience. Next I want to try to make some sweet Hawaiian bread – yeah. We have been on a big “King’s Hawaiian Bread” kick lately so I’m going to give the Hawaiian bread a whirl. Wow to pair it up with some teriyaki chicken and rice would be a great idea…I’m hungry for dinner already.

Would a loaf of fresh homemade bread be a decent Christmas present for someone?

Well since I’m not a butcher, baker or candlestick maker for a living…I’m an electronics repair business owner…I’ll stick to what I know best. That’s repairing iPods and iPhones. In the meantime I’ll keep using the family as my test subjects for my new recipes and I’ll report back when they are good!

Happy Holidays,