Are you a “Harley” guy or gal?

Hello there and good morning!

I thought this was worth a picture…

I was heading down the highway to Lenexa, Kansas and pulled up a long this semi-truck that looked a little out of the ordinary.

It was a very clean “rig”, but had a feature mounted behind the cab and I just wanted to get a better glimpse of this setup.


There is a very cool and restored “Harley Davidson” tandem bike mounted up there! I don’t know much about these old bikes, but I do know that Harley made some early tandem rides in the early 1900’s. Could this be one of the survivors?


Anyway, it was worth a look…I like a guy that is prepared with a “back-up” ride in the event he has a diesel breakdown. I thought it was a cool setup and worth the blog. Have a great morning!

Take care, Ryan

OK, I did it. I got my motorcycle license!

Yeah, I passed my motorcycle test yesterday. I’ve been riding with my permit for a little while unit I got the nerve up to go get my actual license which gives me the privilege of riding at night, with a passenger and without supervision. If you ride a motorcycle without a license under these circumstances, it’s a $1000 fine. Yikes!

It’s a good thing I never bent the rules 😉

This is a paper copy, the real thing shows up in the mail within 14 days.

Well now I’m feeling confident about my next outing. I have a simple dual-sport bike that is good for on and off road but it may be time to get into a Harley. I dunno we’ll see where that takes me.

Now I can relax and ride for the pure pleasure of it – however I just realized that it’s Friday the 13th, and although I’m not overly superstitious, I think that that I’ll just not take my chances on the cycle today and wait to get a few miles tomorrow. Saturday the 14th feels much safer to me!

Anyone else want to go riding?

OK back to work at the best job in the world. I’ll talk to you again soon.

Best, Ryan