New Service: Samsung Galaxy S III Headphone Jack Repair Service!

Hello M:R Nation –

We are starting the year off strong with a brand new service offering! That is really the only way to start an AWESOME New Year and my first post of 2014! So lets dig right in and discuss this great new service.

The Samsung Galaxy S III is a great device. You can look at online reviews, talk to your friends or even go back through my old blog posts to see why. Released last year, Mission Repair was quick to start repair services for customers that had issues with their screens. The screen is usually our first offering due to physical damage that can be causes by a drop or 5…

Only after several months did we start hearing from GSIII owners that some other component on their beloved phone has failed.

galaxy-s3-top-sideWe heard enough demand over the last month of 2013 to warrant a brand new service, so please, say hello to the Samsung Galaxy S III (Blue) Headphone Jack Repair and Samsung Galaxy S III (White) Headphone Jack Repair services!

Now, this service is for you if you are experiencing one or all of the following:

  • Your headphone plug broke off inside the port
  • You can no longer hear when plugging in your headphones
  • Your music and other sounds are staticky
  • Your headphones no longer stay plugged into your GSIII
  • A foreign object is stuck in the port

So with that, consider our first new service of 2014 on the books! This service is available to everyone starting right now, so if you have been annoying your friends by listing to your books on tape via loud speaker, it’s time to convince them to order this service for you 🙂

Cheers, Troy