Is That Bamboo In Your Office?

Hello M:R Nation –

Every morning when I walk into my office, I look at my bamboo plant. It means nothing overly significant to me, but for some reason, I just love it. Given to me about 3 years ago for a Christmas gift, it has appeared in many reflections of pictures that I have taken for this very blog and I think it’s about time to give it some of it’s own glory!


This is my bamboo plant. I don’t have a name for her/him but let be tell you a little bit about it. It started out as a 3″ baby and has grown into this 2′ monster! I water it once a week and clean the dust off its leaves every month. It has a great light source and for some reason, it continues to grow for me! I have never been a green thumb, so I guess a bamboo plant is perfect match for someone that can kill a plant within days…

Did you know that a plant in your office can increase your productivity? Yep, there have been scientific studies that show a plant placed in a specific location in your office charges your brain and helps you become more attentive towards your tasks! while I can’t say I have proven this with my bamboo, but it’s good to know that this isn’t just decoration.

Do you have an office plant? I’d love to see it! Email me at¬†with your office plant picture and I’ll shoot you over a 15% discount for your next repair service!

P.S. Email me if you have any good name ideas for this plant. Is naming a plant even a thing?

Cheers, Troy