It’s almost graduation time…and it’s pretty personal!

Hello friends,

We received a package at the Arter house last night, and it was my son’s graduation invitations. It’s getting real now!


Casey is a senior, and if you’ve ever come into our Olathe, Kansas, Mission Repair location on the weekend, you may have met him up at the front desk. He works for me part time while finishing high school. He’s graduating in a couple of months and “life” is becoming a reality for him very soon!

It truly is amazing how fast time flies when you’re not paying attention. Once Casey hits college it’s going to be quiet at home; I always told myself that once my kids were done with school, I’d done my job and then I would be free to move, sell my house, become a fisherman or whatever. But truthfully I’m happy with my life, where I’m at, what I’m doing and where I work. If I could figure out how to make enough money to sustain my lifestyle without working, I would try that path 😉 But as it stands, I haven’t solved that one yet!

So to all of the graduates that are ready to talk the “walk” – congratulations. I’ll be right there with the Spring Hill Class of 2015 taking pictures as well.

Take care, Ryan

Congratulations Graduates, coupon inside!

Good afternoon everyone,

I was just talking with my wife Dandra this weekend and we both realized that this is the first year that we didn’t get invited to a graduation ceremony. In fact, it looks like we will have a reprieve next year as well, but my son Casey will be graduating in 2015 so he’s next on the list!

Graduation Time!

This is a fun time for those kids that are finishing up their school commitments and moving into college. Or even more rewarding for those students that are finishing college and graduating – that’s a show stopper as well. Time to celebrate!

Well, we here at Mission Repair can’t be there physically to party with you if you’re graduating this year, but we can give you a special treat if you find yourself in need of an iPhone, iPod or Tablet repair. Even think about your laptop computer…does it need service? Well we’re giving a 13% off coupon to all that begins today and lasts through May 31, 2013. 13% off in honor of the class of 2013!! I tried to give everyone 2013% off but my system wouldn’t take it for some reason 😉 USE COUPON CODE “GRADS” TO RECEIVE YOUR DISCOUNT.

Again if you’re a graduate or know a graduate; congratulations and we recognize all of the hard work that goes into an individual’s education. Job well done. Have a great May!